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Attention Economy by Mind Map: Attention Economy
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Attention Economy

Attention Economics



Relationship with Advertising



A marketplace where consumers agree to receive services in exchange for their attention

Points out that the consumer has a choice


Examples are personalized news, personalized search, news, alerts and recommendations

Attention Crisis

Utmost Purpose: Sell something to the consumer by stimulating attention

Technology of Attention


Related to Web 2.0

Kinds of Attention

The Implicit Web

Coined in 2007

Popularized by Josh Kopelman, Fred Wilson and Brad Feld

A web of connected data

Value that is created when actions made by people in the web are recorded

Describes a network

Unmasks the dynamic side of human knowledge

Constructs a behavior for the WWW

A network that gathers together every piece of implicitness on the WWW

Mechanics of Implicit Web

Towards Attention Economy

Emerging Trends

Users' attentions are stored in attention silos

Basics of Attention

Attention Organization

Attention Standards

Continuous Partial Attention: Software and Solutions

"Doing a lot of work and at the same time knowing a few things continuously about all your actions"

Examples: Texting, Reading to Skimming books

To pay attention to everything but give just a small portion of attention to the gravity of the work being done


Iterations - The New Way We Work

Software for Iterative Mode