Amazon Rainforest Conflict

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Amazon Rainforest Conflict by Mind Map: Amazon Rainforest Conflict

1. Native Amazonian

1.1. Native Amazonians are people that used to live in the amazon rain forest with as much as 10 million people, but its a much smaller number now and what they want is just some land and to live how they used to. If native amazonians get to stay in the forest, the Rain forest would be able to be preserved for a long time without anyone disturbing they're part.

2. Rubber Tappers

2.1. Rubber Tappers collect sap from rubber trees that grow in the rainforest to make tires or erasers, rubber tappers started running out of rubber trees when the newcomers came and chopped them all done and the rubber tappers want to preserve some of the rubber trees. If rubber tappers get they're own place to tap rubber trees they could preserve some of the rain forest and tap in a safe way.

3. Loggers

3.1. Loggers harvest trees from forests to make Things from paper to fine furniture, loggers want to keep clear cutting the forest so they tell everyone that its good for the economy and and makes Brazil furniture. If loggers stay i think that it would help Brazil get a better economy but also destroy the amazon Forest.

4. Settlers

4.1. Settlers are the 1/4 of Brazil that are poor and Brazil wanted them to move, so when the settlers moved to the rain forest everyone got mad and settlers argued to stay. If all the settlers stay, they would take up a lot of the rain forest from other groups.

5. Cattle Ranchers

5.1. Amazon cattle ranchers provide food for the world and help Brazils economy, but many say they don't belong in the Amazon. The cattle ranchers strongly disagree and want the land to feed the world. If the cattle ranchers stay they would most likely try and cut down most of the rain forest for land.

6. Environmentalists

6.1. Environmentalists have been trying to make it where the Amazon doesn't get destroyed, so they want to keep law that restrict what each group does in the Amazon. If environmentalists got every group under tight restrictions they rain forest would be able to last for a long time.