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ON Future Tools by Mind Map: ON Future Tools

1. processes

2. Douglas Arellanes -- http://camp.org

2.1. radio moderator

2.2. art degree

2.3. digital art

2.4. pirate radio

2.5. in prague since 1992

2.6. radio one

2.7. New node

3. tools

3.1. campsite

3.1.1. CMS

3.1.2. timeline based publishing

3.1.3. workflow

3.1.4. why not a radio version? b92 robert klein sennding a stream in amsterdam sending back to serbia timbuktu remotely radio control if police come can you continue to send crisis situation camcaster

3.2. search for consesus for other stations

3.2.1. orange talk radio program scheme using jarm live station switchover to preprogrammed upload interface jam is controling a audio switch teams have te right to fill a slot live sessions upload playlists live broadcast via live streams 3 iterations for user interface fading times are general fixed

3.2.2. live broadcast with streams latency issue ommiting time reference reboot.fm - is allways streaming time reference tricks ... radioX live shows from studio rest preprogrammed New node

3.2.3. reboot.fm no playlists on the central service workflow is organised around shows jingles where played on the full hour permiisons for scheduler publishing as posdcasts google calendar for organizing people want to use their tools use cases of private and community radio are different

3.2.4. thomas b. disigner question how to organise workflows

3.2.5. problems to face range of softskills diffrent use of existing tools standars creating playlists for royalties metadata leads to hard work shazam - fragmentation of song information echonet shazaam gracenote musicbrainz fingerprinting "home grown" character of existing archive and software duties station has a broader concern about listners then the single partizipating listener stream ripping public archive contains copyrighted material radio specific playout audioprocessing for finaliseing playout (comprassor/limiter) bunch of hardware involved audio routing to integrate VOIP / SKYPE

3.2.6. OPEN RADIO CONFERENCE upcoming in 17t October in Berlinh October in Berlin flossmanuals booksprint alot of HOWTOS

4. Herman Huber

4.1. radiofabric

4.2. own software

4.3. developed 2004

4.4. studied computer sience

5. Norbert Gnauer

5.1. Orange radio

5.2. vienna

5.3. involved in IT

5.4. involved as moderator

6. Paul baranowsky

6.1. founder of campcaster

6.2. had founding

6.3. planning a successor of campcaster

6.4. take what is out there

6.5. building tools

6.6. best practise

6.7. programming since 8

7. Nick von Frankenberg

7.1. radioX

7.2. musc content

7.3. more user side

7.4. need tools with wide range

8. artist

8.1. New node

9. jonas Oohrstrom

9.1. programmed the medialibary

9.2. background services

9.3. for metadata services

10. chris weaver

10.1. resonance.fm

10.2. small station

10.3. small budget

10.4. experimental broadcasting

10.5. how to do that

10.6. how for free

11. pit schulz

11.1. netculture

11.2. 2000 radio

11.3. rebbot.fm

11.4. haus der ulturen der welt

11.5. berlin based

12. wishlist

12.1. interfaces

12.1.1. software build modules for other CMSs now playing commenting calendar / schedule automated reporting royalty holders ads buyers feedback for content providers

12.1.2. user interface interaction design see what you can change simple first grained access card player - jingle bank "five years of country interupted by ads" - button

12.1.3. different views on the same data

12.1.4. open hirarchy of container formats

12.1.5. "making the invisible visable" make the interface simpler

12.2. standards

12.2.1. meta data convention

12.2.2. workflow

12.2.3. iptc - sports ML news ML

12.2.4. ical - program exchange

12.3. archive

12.3.1. easy accessible

12.3.2. archiving of broadcast

12.3.3. interconnectivity

12.3.4. automations broadcast archive live tagging / recognition live updates

12.3.5. user tagging of tracks

12.4. playout

12.4.1. programmable playout (card master) myriad mair list

12.4.2. music discovery

12.4.3. transitions

12.4.4. prelisten

12.4.5. live sessions

12.4.6. integrate IRC/Skype back channel

12.4.7. control over crossfades

12.4.8. logging

12.5. core components

12.5.1. automatic tagging services

12.5.2. extensible RESTful API

12.5.3. scheduler

12.5.4. player

12.5.5. medialibary track metadata

12.5.6. linking services

12.5.7. community based interactions

12.5.8. fine grained access control

12.5.9. playlists

12.6. abstract playout system

12.6.1. liquidsoap

12.6.2. mpd

12.6.3. streaming integrated

12.6.4. integrated audio processing

12.7. sustainabilty

12.7.1. $$$ ads schedule and proof premium SMS dedications club membership donations workshops paid access public founding criteria overwievs of activity statistics of listeners spending reports the whole workflow reflects also reporting

12.7.2. staff training

12.7.3. documentation

13. New node

14. afternoon session

14.1. archive

14.1.1. usage? used only for prescheduled playout ... not used for radio DJ ...

14.1.2. ... metadata make the value

14.2. standards

14.2.1. dublin core

14.2.2. smil

14.3. New node