Food Texts

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Food Texts by Mind Map: Food Texts

1. I think that using a newspaper article to gather the information will help to make my synthesis more close to reality. Such is the case that the article's date is from the past week.

2. I chose the topic about Food Waste because I think that trying to keep the environment clean and, at the same time, helping people; can help me changing my normal eating habits.

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4. The decision depends on us and what we believe is better for our body

5. FDA Article

5.1. "Beware of Products Promising Miracle Weight Loss"

5.1.1. Warning and advices for people wanting to take diet pills

5.1.2. The FDA intervene when they believe its necessary

5.1.3. List of approved drugs for certain people

5.1.4. Problems with regulation because of the online market

5.1.5. Pills contain non-approved substances

6. Diet Pills Advertisement

6.1. Extra method apart from diet and exercise

6.1.1. Natural pill

6.1.2. Good effects for the body, not only weight-loss ones

6.1.3. Approved by doctors and world wide known magazines

6.1.4. Supported by famous people

6.1.5. Lack on side effects the pill may have

7. How Food gets Gendered

7.1. Why certain food gets gendered-assign

7.1.1. People chose certain food over another because of hormons

7.1.2. Society sets standars

7.1.3. Certain studies shows different selections of food all over the world

7.1.4. Man and woman have different physiology, that is why they tend to chose different types of food/drinks

8. Food Waste


8.1.1. Food in good condition is going to waste

8.1.2. Environment Effects

8.1.3. Big countries producing more food than needed

8.1.4. Pig Farm

8.1.5. Food that goes to trash is still in good condition for being eaten by humans

8.1.6. Thinking in the Future

8.2. France to force big supermarkets to give unsold food to charities

8.2.1. French supermarkets will be banned for throwing or destroying unsell food

8.2.2. Big supermarkets will have to sign an agreement with a charity

8.2.3. This law will also introduce an educational program about food waste in school

8.3. Ways to reduce food waste in our daily life

8.3.1. Food waste produced annually could feed 1 billion hungry people

8.3.2. Food waste is a major issue in "developed" countries rather than in smaller countries.

8.3.3. Action Plan

8.3.4. Wasted food create greenhouse that consume natural resources.

8.4. New policy for food waste

8.4.1. More than 100.000 people in the UK sign a petition to enforce a law about food donation

8.4.2. The EU throws to waste an estimate of 89m. of food per year

8.4.3. Demand changes

9. Guerrillas in Paraguay

9.1. German couple got killed after working as ranchers for 30 years

9.1.1. The EPP is a guerrilla that operates in Paraguay

9.1.2. The guerrilla thread landowners so they give money and food to the poor as compensation for alleged deforestation

9.1.3. The organized group is against industrialized agriculture

10. Microwaved Food

10.1. Heating food in the microwave as one of the best option on keeping the nutrients of the aliments

10.1.1. Comparison between microwave and oven

10.1.2. Research published by the Harvard Medical School

10.1.3. How microwaves fuction

11. Talking a little about my personal opinion about the topic. I believe that this type of action taken, may not only change my way of eating, it may change a whole society and how it behaves when it comes help people in need with only a few changes in their life