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Schizophrenia by Mind Map: Schizophrenia
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Poverty of speech

Lack of emotion


Social Isolation


Biological Treatment: Drug Therapy

Examples of drugs, Side Effects, Low Compliance

How do the drugs work?, Not a Cure, CBT May be better

What do the drugs do?, Positive Symptoms Only

How often are they taken?

How long do they take to work?, Doesn't work for all

Social Treatment: ACT

Where?, Normal Lifestyle, Problems reduced, Preferred?, May not be prepared

Who?, Strain on family

What?, Under-funding, Issue for Rural Areas, Medication issues

Why?, Solves lack of hospital beds


Biological Explanation: Dopamine Hypothesis

Excess Dopamine, Cause & Effect, Antipsychotics: Supporting Evidence, Take time to work, Positive Correlation

Dopamine Synapses, Evidence from PET Scans

Related Symptoms, Supporting Evidence

Mesolimbic Pathway

Mid-Brain to Frontal Lobes

Social Explanation: Environmental Breeder

Lower Social Class Risk

Lower Class = Stress, Exposure to Infection & Stress

Stress = Schizophrenia

Low Class = Higher Schizophrenia, Supporting Evidence, Contradictory Evidence, Evidence from Immigrants, Social Drift?