Year 1: David R. Lopez Community School at Edgemere Elementary

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Year 1: David R. Lopez Community School at Edgemere Elementary by Mind Map: Year 1:  David R. Lopez Community School at Edgemere Elementary

1. Early Childhood (EC)

1.1. Smart Start of Central Oklahoma (ages 0-4)

1.2. Early Birds Pre Pre-K

2. Family and Community Engagement (FCE)

2.1. PTA

2.1.1. Frozen in February (33 families)

2.1.2. Eggstravaganza (33 families)

2.1.3. Skate Nights through Skate Galaxy (26 students)

2.1.4. Teacher Appreciation

2.1.5. Muffins with Mom (22 moms)

2.1.6. Seuss-A-Palooza Parent Breakfast (17 attendees)

2.1.7. Donuts with Dad

2.1.8. Grandparents Day

2.2. First Christian Church

2.2.1. Uniform Closet

2.2.2. Christmas Gifts

2.2.3. Crisis Needs

2.2.4. Incentive events for student behavior and attendance

2.2.5. Location for Christmas program

2.2.6. Pumpkin Patch benefitting Edgemere Support

2.2.7. Staff Appreciation Lunch

2.3. Safe Trick or Treat

2.3.1. EMSA

2.3.2. OSUOKC/FEMA grant in suppport of fire safety

2.3.3. Safe Trick or Treat Bags - Friends of Edgemere

2.4. Open House

2.5. Paseo Arts Association

2.5.1. Family music/art workshops

2.6. Christmas Support

2.6.1. 23 families received Christmas food baskets

2.6.2. 37 families received gifts for all children under 18, representing 50 students thanks to community members, OSU OKC, First Christian Church and school staff.

2.7. Thanksgiving Support

2.7.1. 6 families received Thanksgiving Dinners thanks to Whiz Kids and Friends of Edgemere

2.8. Winter Program

2.9. Interfaith Blessing

2.9.1. First Christian Church

2.9.2. Interfaith Alliance

2.10. Friends of Edgemere

2.10.1. Monthly Birthday Club

2.10.2. Funding for PTA family engagement

2.11. Fathers and Father Figures bring your child to school day

2.12. Parent Roundtable

3. Health and Health Education (HE)

3.1. Variety Care

3.1.1. Dental Screenings

3.1.2. Clinic Provider

3.2. Ocean Dental

3.2.1. In-School Preventative Cleanings

3.3. Mobile Smiles through Delta Dental

3.4. Lice prevention

3.4.1. Seek potential partnership with OK City County Health Dept. for lice prevention, education and resources

3.4.2. Lice Kits provided by Faith Links

3.4.3. Find potential partner for lice treatment, environmental factors

3.5. connect with Lion Club in future partnershp for vision and glasses

3.6. Student Immunizations

3.6.1. Potential Partnership for Pre-Pre-K shots

3.6.2. 6th Grade free shots from caring van

3.7. Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

3.7.1. Weekend food backpacks

4. Mental Health/Social Services (MH/SS)

4.1. Sunbeam Family Services

4.1.1. Professional Development on Trauma Informed Schools (in collaboration with Elizabeth Rische)

4.1.2. Group Sessions (4 groups, 4-5 students each, 13 total students))

4.1.3. Non-Paid visits (about 20)

4.1.4. Caseload (about 20)

4.2. NorthCare

4.2.1. Case management services

5. Lifelong Learning (LL)

5.1. Grade Level Parent University Sessions

5.2. Adult literacy through Payne Education

5.3. Stand For Children

5.3.1. "Creating an Academic Environment at Home"

5.4. Adult Classes

5.4.1. Composting

5.4.2. Gardening

6. Youth Development/Out of School Time (YD/OST)

6.1. Youth Development

6.1.1. OKC Beautiful (OKC Harvest) Garden Fresh Salad Day in first grade Schoolyard Garden Class Garden Visits and hands-on activities

6.1.2. Fertile Ground Composting

6.1.3. Closer To Earth Community Garden Visits

6.1.4. Paseo Arts Association: Intersession Art Classes

6.1.5. Class Experiences Junior Achievement JA in a Day (1st - 6th grade) Hands on science day with Dawn Tartiglione, Neurologist Class experiences in every grade Closer To Earth Community Garden Visit Field Trips Science Museum Oklahoma 6th Grade Pre-K 6th Grade Visitors JP Morgan Art collector (friend of instructor)

6.1.6. Special Assemblies Harlem Globe Trotters Ronald Mcdonald Miss Rodeo USA

6.1.7. OPUBCO reading tutoring

6.1.8. OSU OKC/ Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Ag in Schools Grant

6.1.9. Monthly Cultural Assemblies

6.1.10. Character Development Sports teams of OKCPS High Schools providng mentors Men's United Leaderhip Conference

6.2. Out of School Time

6.2.1. Chess Club sponsored by Friends of Edgemere (Pre-K - 6th grade)

6.2.2. After School Arts presented by Arts Council of Oklahoma City (1st - 6th grade)

6.2.3. Oklahoma Children's Theatre (Kindergarten - 2nd grade)

6.2.4. Whiz Kids Oklahoma (1st - 6th grade)

6.2.5. Girl Scouts (K - 6th grade)

6.2.6. Girls on the Run (3rd - 6th grade)

6.2.7. French Club through the french alliance (4 - 6th grade)

6.2.8. Origami Club (4 - 6 grade)

6.2.9. El Sistema Oklahoma (3rd - 6th grade)

6.2.10. Junior Botball Robotics (5 - 6th grade)

6.2.11. Hip Hop Dance

6.2.12. Reading Buddies with Harding

6.2.13. Soccer Club

6.2.14. Music/Art Appreciation by Mrs. Eldridge

6.2.15. Building Minds (1st - 3rd grades)

6.2.16. Title-1 Tutoring

7. Neighborhood Development (ND)

7.1. Neighborhood Outreach

7.1.1. Neighborhood association meetings

7.1.2. Fundraiser with Crowne Heights and Edgemere Park

7.2. Neighborhood Alliance / City of OKC

7.2.1. Fifth Grade Walkability Study

7.3. City Of OKC

7.3.1. Edgemere Park Planning Meeting

7.4. Waste Management/ OKC Beautiful

7.4.1. Recycling Grant

8. Engaging Instruction

8.1. Oklahoma A+

8.2. Payne Education Center

8.3. First Tee provided by Friends of Edgemere