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Autism Treatment Plan Overview by Mind Map: Autism Treatment Plan
5.0 stars - 11 reviews range from 0 to 5

Autism Treatment Plan Overview

Step 3

Collect Baseline Laboratory

NO Tryosine

Food Allergy

Urine Organic Acids


Environmental Toxin Screen

Hair Elements

GI Health Panel

Urine Elements, ChelationChallenge

Step 4

Correct Nutritional Deficiencies

Minerals, Mag, Methylation Minerals, Lithium, Selenium, Zinc

Fish Oils, EPA/DHA, Cod Liver

Improve Methylation, Folate, Active Form, MetaNx, Deplin, Cerefolin, Nees, Methylation Specialty, Methyl Matrix, MB12 + Folate, MB12, B6

Amino Acids

Up regulate damaged detoxification pathways

Glutathione, Topical, Rectal, IV

Step 5

Improve Bowel Function

Cleanup, Control Yeast, Remove Parasites, Toxic Bacteria

Restore Flora

Improve Digestion

Digestive Enzymes

Relieve Constipation




Step 6


Homeopathics, Drainage, Detoxification


Detox Support, Amino Acids, Special supplements

Treat Viruses


Supplements, Monolaurin, Olive Leaf extract, Laurea


Step 7

Remove Heavy Metals

Chelation, DMPS, DMSA, EDTA, D-penicillamine, PCA-Rx

Homeopathic support, Drainage, Metal Releasers

Release Metals, Neural therapy, Sauna

Step 1

Parent Education

Sources, Support Groups, TACA, ARI

Step 2

Clean up diet

GFCF Diet, Gluten Free (wheat), Casein Free (Dairy)

SC Diet

Clean up environment

Stephen Smith MD


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