DEBATE: Is Westward Expansion beneficial?

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DEBATE: Is Westward Expansion beneficial? by Mind Map: DEBATE: Is Westward Expansion beneficial?

1. 702

1.1. Opening

1.1.1. Kaila Unjust and unconstitutional Forced Native Americans out of their land and took away freedom Promoted Slavery

1.1.2. Justin Westward expansion was goal of US Inspired by Manifest Destiny: belief god told US to expand westward LA purchase doubled the size of the US Gained food and power because they had more land Most Americans believed in God

1.2. Closing

1.2.1. Destiny Unconstutional but discriminatory against the original owners of the land Hurt the Native Americans by taking their land Promoting the continued use of slavery They could have used Slavery

1.2.2. AnaMaria Was westward expansion beneficial NOT justified Expanded the economic growth of the United State Growth of the US power - without it, America wouldn't have grown America bought the land for 4 cents an acre

1.3. Question 1

1.3.1. Christopher/Victor 828,800 square miles of land Doubled the size of the United States

1.3.2. Yobani/Calvin The more land means war with the Native Americans Waste more money for the territory

1.3.3. Rebuttal Better than they bought it because if they didn't the land would be really small and they wouldn't have the experience Wasn't fair because the Native Americans were there first Expanded slavery and plantations It would have been easy for Spain to take over the United States because they had so much land and power. The United States bought the land and were able to protect themselves

1.4. Question 2

1.4.1. Nya/Francina Manifest Destiny means that god told them to move west How did the Americans get the message? How do we know they didn't make that up? Farmers knew slavery was going to happen, so why didn't they just trust the farmers?

1.4.2. Madeline/Gabriela They expanded the west It gave the US power

1.4.3. Rebuttal The president couldn't justify it because it wasn't in the constitution Based the claim to buy the LA purchase on idea of manifest destiny Nowhere in the Constitution states that they can take land More space for farmers to grow food to supply the US and make money from the purchase More space for homes/more people People wouldn't starve to death

1.5. Question 3

1.5.1. Rosana/Brianna More land and space for everyone because of the LA purchase

1.5.2. Zakaria/Jesse Made to live on reservations Americans took their land so they had to go Bison were all killed off by the Americans Natives were poor Natives were Hungry The Dawes Act was made to put Native Americans on Reservations

1.5.3. Rebuttals Survival of the Fittest: if the smaller group has the land, then the larger group will take over it More of them than the people who used to live there Take homes from people and kick them out of the land they grew up on

1.6. Question 4

1.6.1. Gianni/Jehanna Wasn't fair for the Native Americans because they were there first They lost a lot of people

1.6.2. Jenncy/Jacob They needed land to live, if not for taking the land they would have had to go back to where they came from if Native Americans couldn't protect their own land then they didn't deserve it - survival of the fittest

1.6.3. Rebuttal Based on greed - we are taking their land for homes and they've been living there for hundreds of years It's the same as coming to your friend's house and taking their home There is the concept of ownership where people have things and someone else takes them Got the land fairly, they had a war and the US won the war and got the land

1.7. Question 5

1.7.1. Justin/Dominick Slaves to do the work so they don't have to

1.7.2. Tsunami/Hasannie Benefit on states being added Missippi, Alabama, Texas Do the work Americans are too busy to do Feed, grow crops White men wouldn't have made the machines we have today without slaves

1.7.3. Rebuttal White people were too lazy to do their own work treated people like animals Not all slaves were treated badly We would be the same, but the difference is that the white people could do the same stuff Slavery was beneficial and we didn't know it was bad Mistakes we made in the past wouldn't have made us the way we are today

2. 703

2.1. Opening

2.1.1. Yaleska When the United States moves west to get bigger and hold more people Started the Louisiana Purchase Provided us with more space for more people to le

2.1.2. Dominic Unfair to Native Americans Killed Bison Reservations

2.2. Closing

2.2.1. Ginelly People and animals were killed murdered the bison Killed Native Americans in Louisiana Purchase We only gained knowledge of the land that wasn't useful at the time

2.2.2. Ivanna More land: 828,000 square miles 4 cents per acre more places to live and more people to fit more food and more money People of the west were abolitionists Western people fought in the Civil War to end slavery Many opportunities and possibilities to move west

2.3. Question 1

2.3.1. Gabriel/Moises Helped westward expansion 828,000 square miles of land helped them get more power

2.3.2. Dayana/Sandra Spent $15 million on a piece of land Left a lot of Native Americans hungry because they lost their land

2.3.3. Rebuttal More land = more space They only spent 4 cents per acre Where would the Native Americans go? They need to make contracts to go other places Native Americans could starve and die looking for land

2.4. Question 2

2.4.1. Anthony V/Kelvin Americans removed Native Americans Started a war with Mexico Manifest Destiny was wrong because they removed other people

2.4.2. Stanley/Isaac O Opened more states More places to ship things and more things to make If we didn't go west we wouldn't be where we are today

2.4.3. Rebuttal None

2.5. Question 3

2.5.1. Alexa Benefits that Americans gave them Their own space Weapons and Materials

2.5.2. Ericka Took Native American places and left them homeless

2.5.3. Rebuttal Natural Resources - wouldn't ahve a problem without them because they could build their homes again They use animals for their homes so they could make their homes again They don't have a home, they just hve the land Manifest Destiny said they weren't involved They were moved to places that were not full of the resources they were used to They don't need the exact same things because they have tools to kill new animals The land belonged to Mexico before too, so where would those people go? Native Americans were in the land first

2.6. Question 4

2.6.1. Pro The Americans had proof that they had the land They had a documen to prove that the land was theirs Even though the Americans kicked them out, they put them on a place that they could still live their lives

2.6.2. Con The Native Americans lived there first The French sold the land without asking

2.6.3. Rebuttal Americans made up for it because they gave the Native Americans an area to live in The Native Americans were kicked out of their homes They had a lot more resources in the space to be able to repopulate. They agreed with them to move They had to adapt to a new land, which can be hard Many people died because they were not used to the area The place they went into was bad Americans lied to the Native Americans

2.7. Question 5

2.7.1. An/Milagros The more land, the more the slaves had to work Slavery had to expand It became a political issue Maine became a free state Missouri became a slave state Dredd Scott was from the west and went to a free state, but the politicians said that he was still a slave and didn't have rights

2.7.2. Joel/Deven/Gabriella Improved living places US freed slaves from the Spanish and French Thomas Jefferson said it was necessary for the health of the US and the slaves

3. 704

3.1. Opening

3.1.1. Jaynice Doubled the size of the US USA added railroads Displaced the Native Americans Killed all of the Bison (their food) Indian Reservations -- bad land Created conflict with other countries

3.1.2. Kassidy Republic depended on citizens for its survial and LA purchase would help expansion was necessary for these citizens made the US bigger could fit a bigger population

3.2. Closing

3.2.1. Jasmin Native Americans wanted land for hunting and USA wanted the land NA had the land first but US wanted it There was more slavery Slaves were being tortured and whipped They were forced to do more work with more land

3.2.2. Lorenna Used slaves to work the land More land = more slaves Gave the US more independence for states The key to the nation's health

3.3. Question 1

3.3.1. Angelica Native Americans had the land first There will be a conflict between them Federalists opposed the purchase They wanted close relationships with Britain, not France Had to deliberate whether it fit in with the Constitution

3.3.2. Stephanie Doubled the size of the United States 828,000 square miles of land allowed the United States to become larger and turned the territory into states

3.4. Question 2

3.4.1. Denisse People left homes for the west wanted opportunities for self/business possibility of upward mobility manifest destiny was an experiment

3.4.2. David/Justin Mission to attain freedom develop economy frontierland was inexpensive or free More expansion means more money More jobs more power for the country

3.5. Question 3

3.5.1. Jordy The Native Americans got help from the white people Gave them food

3.5.2. Nomar/Michael Americans were unfair and took over everything Paid them late, made them move to bad land They had war

3.6. Question 4

3.6.1. Jaylinn/Katelynn Nothing

3.6.2. Azul/David O We would not be where we are today We would not have that much land if we didn't remove them

3.7. Question 5

3.7.1. Julio/Isaac Brought up the topic of slavery Brought more slave states into the country More land for slaves to work on Dredd Scott sued for his freedom, but ended up making it worse for everyone else Misourri Compromise didn't help much either because it only removed slavery from half of the Louisiana Territory

3.7.2. Edward Makes the US bigger More production of food and clothing

4. 701

4.1. Opening

4.1.1. Jose Manifest destiny was good because it expanded land for the US America could trade with Asia, not just Europe More land for farming LA purchase doubled the size of USA More houes/buildings/land Underground Railroad was made They made reservations for Native Americans More free states for slaves

4.1.2. Ishmael Expansion made more slaves which killed more people The US Doubled size...

4.2. Closing

4.2.1. Nicole Caused conflict England -- owned territory near the US Native Americans: we moved them and took their land

4.2.2. Chelsea We made money off of our purchase than what we wasted Americans never captured Native Americans, we just took their land

4.3. Question 1

4.3.1. Joshua/Joelyne Expanded America/created more space More land and opportunities Made them wealthy

4.3.2. Nayeli P Some parts of the US were less represented by the government US was already in debt New Orleans was expensive ($7 million) Treaty was unconstitutional because US had no rule that they could buy the land Land was huge and hard to control

4.4. Question 2

4.4.1. Jorge/Mr. Shablak Didn't help the whole government Our right to the land? -- we got away from England to keep our property and we took other people's land Rebuttal: If there are more free slaves for us, how is that supposed to help our government? Slaves benefit our government because they farm the crops we need to survive What if the Native Americans disagreed to help? They lived in a place that wasn't secure

4.4.2. Edwin/Carlos Manifest destiny helped people expand Helped people get more land to grow crops and increase slavery

4.5. Question 3

4.5.1. Melanie/Nayeli N They didn't realize how beneficial expansion would be benefits for people: more money more jobs for people to have

4.5.2. Estevan/Jaisley Native Americans had to live on Reservations (they didn't want to live there) Had to live on bad land Forced to live there They were not paid on their own time Native Americans barely survived on Reservations

4.5.3. Rebuttals They were unhappy about their land being taken but the government promised them land the government didn't always pay them on time Native Americans could work for US and make money that way

4.6. Question 4

4.6.1. Andrelis/Joadelina The US won the Creek War and took the land Spain sold the land to Florida Jackson made Treaties with the Native Americans so they could move and the white people could take the land in Georgia

4.6.2. Michael/Jazlynn Native Americans shouldn't have signed thing they didn't understand Native Americans had a lot and they could have moved more into American space Native Americans don't like living on reservations

4.6.3. Rebuttals: In exchange for living on reservations, tribes got annuities We justified the removal of Native Americans for more crops/cotton mills/more states/congress Controlling how much the Native Americans have - compared to what England did to the US during the Revolutionary War

4.7. Question 5

4.7.1. Haniel/Ramly Farming societies with more population Modern farming techniques to make more crops

4.7.2. Jorge/Jayden Carried slavery into the west - Mississippi and Alabama Crossed the river Government had to waste more money to buy more land -- more materials for plantations and slavery

4.7.3. Rebuttal Isn't the land what we need to make money? Economy runs off of making crops and selling them We don't need more land, we already have what we need The government the money spent was bad a

5. 705

5.1. Opening

5.1.1. Yofranley Westward expansion was beneficial

5.1.2. Eduardo: Had some good parts, but also bad parts Took territory from Native American Took land from Mexico Dangerous to travellers moving west

5.2. Closing

5.2.1. John: Westward expansion was harmful It let people into other people's land and they had no choice Mexican Native American Only beneficial for white people at the time Native Americans could not live their normal lives

5.2.2. Erick Americans got more land more space for plantations more space for houses and farmers Slaves had more opportunities to get free Native Americans had their own land

5.3. Question 1

5.3.1. Ramon/Luis O The purchase doubled the size of US Better for war because they were close to other countries More people could join into war if it hapened, bigger population

5.3.2. Ruben/Nelson Napoleon had to reevaluate strategies for western hemisphere Eduardo: How is war a good tihng?

5.3.3. No rebuttal

5.4. Question 2

5.4.1. Hanna/Jaylene Manifest destiny wasn't justified because other countries suffered from the struggle Native American removal

5.4.2. Amanda/Romy Right of the American people to have the land Opportunity to raise families in a better place

5.5. Question 3

5.5.1. Ryan/Jayvian Euro-Americans believed that non-white and non-christian were inferior (were bad) Nothing in common so they couldn't get along Want land for hunting and farming mad because US killed all the bison

5.5.2. Melanea/Rachelly Could farm and live on their own land Reservations - they got to do what they wanted to do on their own land They had their own countries in the United States They lost the war but got to live anyway

5.6. Question 5

5.6.1. Selcuk/Luis M More slaves could have been free if they didn't expand Slaves want to be free but they can't do that because of westward expansion Rebuttal: Wouldn't the Americans know about the escape routes? (Eduardo) Running away isn't part of a normal life - slaves can't live normally like you alleged

5.6.2. Ariana/Lindsay Slaves had places to escape Divided the slave states from free states The 36'30 line separates the free part from the slave part The slaves have more opportunities to get out of slavery because there is more free space for slaves to go Rebuttal: Not a proper comparisson (US/Russia) -- the underground railroad was invented because it was secret so slave owners couldn't figure it out. Before westward expansion there were only a couple of free states, so now there are more states that they could get to The solutions aren't always perfect, the slaves had no other choice and it could have been worse if they didn't have extra space to get out of slavery

5.7. Question 4

5.7.1. Shania/Clarena Americans were against the act Cherokees challenged the law by establishing their own nation

5.7.2. Manny/Emmanuel Natives did illegal things in the United States hosting fugitive slaves Native Americans wasted land with hunting/gathering The goal was to get natives to live like white people and they didn't want to adapt to a new way of life Rebuttal: Can't force the natives to act in a way they don't want