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This is a note. Click any little grey note icon to read what I have to say on the topic. Now, who am I? I'm Royce Barber, a 24 year old nondenominational Christian in California USA. I'm into church, bible study, outreach, health, nature, gadgets, and anything high tech! My website is

Fresno Attractions & Uses

Two Waterparks

Big Churches


Underground Gardens

Fig Garden Shopping Center

Many stores, malls, shops, etc

Costco: Everything

Ross: Art glass, little home decorations

Hardware Stores: Lowes, HomeDepo, etc

SaveMart Center: Musical Concerts

Fresno State: College Students

Short Drive to Yosemite National Park

Centrally Located in CA

Calendar (insert html?)

Vehicles Owned

1999 Mazda Miata (Current As of 2008)

1994 Mazda MPV 4x4 Minivan

1986 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bower Edition Truck 4x4

1988 AMC Eagle Station Wagon 4x4

Motorized Skateboard Scooter

Skateboard/Rollerblades/21 Speed Bicycle


Barber Internet Ministries

xcen > it description

Future OS Ideas

Royce Barber Biography

Life How-To's

Money Saving

Used 1999 Mazda Miata

Deal Websites

Long Term Planning

Selling Old Items

Bank CD Account

Currently Training for Stock Market

Clothing Wardrobe

On The Go: Casual Business

At Home: Beach Wear

Construction/Gardening: Coveralls.

Achievements, Jobs, Clubs

2002 HighSchool Diploma

Graduated BoyScouts

Certified "MOUS" Microsoft Office XP

Certified EarthLink Internet Repair, Training, & Tech Bay Manager

Graduated Youth Methodist SundaySchool

Newspaper Customer Retention Specialist

SonicFocus Intel Audio DSP Thinktank

Web Development BCHW

DeviantArt Graphics Portfolio


FlowChart OS

A.I. Home Automation OS

Java Programming


Computer Science PhD


Flash Web Applications

Social Life

Internet Buddies

Church Peers