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Converse :) by Mind Map: Converse :)

1. Who designs them?

2. Where do they get there inspiration for new styles?

2.1. What colours are there?

2.2. Are they fashionable with most things?

3. Where has there label gone product wise?

3.1. Are they available world wide?

4. Where are they sold?

4.1. Where can someone purchase them?

4.2. How much are they?

4.2.1. Are they expensive? Are they worth the price?

4.3. Do they have a direct website?

5. What was there ideal target audience?

5.1. What sort of people buy them ?

5.2. Are they popular in many fashion groups?

6. Are converse good quality shoes?

6.1. Are they worth the price?

6.2. How has the quality of converse changed over the years?

6.3. Do they last long?