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Search Engine Optimization by Mind Map: Search Engine Optimization
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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization for your sites

What determine Search Engine Ranking?

2 factors: On Page and Off Page Factors would determine your site PageRank. • On Page Optimization [30% Importance] ==> The 4 Meta Tags and Content • Off Page Optimization [70% Importance] ==> Inbound Links, On Page Optimization, The 4 Meta Tags, Other Key Tags, Heading Tags H1,H2,H3,H4,H5, Emphasis Tags, New node, Content, Keyword in First 90 characters of the body, SEO Optimized Domain Name, Keyword, Keyword Density, Keyword in Anchor Text, The other general keywords, Latent Semantic Indexing, Long Tail Keyword Rich Content, Internal Links, Off Page Optimization, Building Backlinks, Site Authority

On Page Optimization

The 4 Meta Tags

Notes, The 4 Meta Tags are File Name,Title, Description, Keyword, The 4 Meta Tags are data to be crawled by search engines and not visible in the web page and they appear after tags and before the tags. You can control these tags exactly if you use a)The All In One SEO plugin or b) HeadSpace2 for WordPress.

Brief, File Name, New node, New node, Example, The Text:, The SEO Actions: The file name Acme_People_Search matches exactly with the keyword “Acme People Search”, The main domain contains part of the keyword “Acme People Search” with people-search. Best is your domain contain the exact keyword “Acme People Search”., This is the best example of URL for the web page with the keyword “Acme People Search”:, Title Tag, New node, Example, The Title Tag: Acme People Search, The SEO Actions:The title tag matches exactly with the keyword, “Acme People Search”.100% matching is the best., New node, Description Tag, New node, Example, The Text: People Search Is Huge and Acme People Search Engine is focused strategically in this niche.The Search Engines of Google, Yahoo, Bing are making enormous incomes from searches.The fastest growing Search Market now is people searches as 30% of all searches are people search related. A staggering 20 billions searches per month!, The SEO Actions: The specific keyword “Acme People Search” appear early in the description tag and it is good SEO., Keyword tags, New node, Example, The Text: Acme People Search, Search Engine, Affiliate Program, Tissa Godavitarne, The SEO Actions: Maximum should be 5, best is one primary specific keyword and 4 other general keywords that can use as combo keywords., These are good combo keywords with the specific keyword “Acme People Search” : Acme People “Search Engine”, Acme People “Search Engine” “Affiliate Program”, “Tisaa Godavitarne” Acme People “Search Engine”, Acme People Search “Affiliate Program”, New node

Other Key Tags

Heading Tags H1,H2,H3,H4,H5, H1, New node, Example, The Text: Acme People Search Engine Is A Niche Powered Affiliate Marketing Business, The SEO Actions: The specific keyword “Acme People Search” is in the H1 Headline and is located at the starting word.The specific keyword should not be located further away from the third word.

Emphasis Tags, Bold, Italic

New node


Keyword in First 90 characters of the body

New node

SEO Optimized Domain Name


Keyword Density, Optimum repetition of the specific Keyword in the body, The general rule is : 2-4 times for a 300-500 words body 3-5 times for a 500-1000 words body., Example, The SEO Actions: The specific keyword “Acme People Search” is used 4 times in the 600 words web page. This is about the right balance without appearing spammy with keyword stuffing., New node

Keyword in Anchor Text, The specific Keyword written as anchor text in the body, Example, The SEO Actions:The specific keyword “Acme People Search” is applied one time as anchor text in the body.

The other general keywords, The SEO Actions: Maximum numbers of keywords should be 5, best is one primary specific keyword and 4 other general keywords that can use as combo keywords., Example, The specific keyword is “Acme People Search”,and the general combo keywords and repetitions are “Search Engine”=17, “Affiliate Program”=3, “Tissa Godavirtane”=1

Latent Semantic Indexing

Long Tail Keyword Rich Content

Internal Links

The SEO Actions: It is good to ensure that this web page is linked to the home page and its category page and have additional links to other related posts in the website.A strategy to the linking is to get link juice from all linked pages and to avoid leakage to outbound links.

Use rel=”nofollow” attribute to all out going links from the page to stop PageRank leakage.

Off Page Optimization

Building Backlinks

Where To Build Inbound Links, Your Own Magnetic Web Sites, Excellent content, Link Baiting, Link Exchange with sites in the same niche, Article Directories, Content Sharing Sites, Build Backlinks and Traffic With High PageRank Content Sharing Sites, Content Sharing Sites, AuthorStream, Docstoc, SlideShare, Scribd, Calameo, Yuku, Issuu, Article Syndication Networks, Unique Article Wizard, ezarticleLink, SeoLinkVine, Article Marketing Automation, My Article Network, Free Traffic System, eZine Publishers, Forums, Acme People Search Forum, Site Build It Forum, Work From Home Forum, Warrior Forum, DigitalPoint Forum, Wealthy Affiliate Forum, Press Release Sites, Social News Sites, Mixx, Newsvine, Digg, Web Directories, RSS Feeds, RSS Feeds Directories, Guest Posting in Blogs, Blog Comments, Link Exchanges, Video Posting Sites, Social Bookmarking, Social Bookmarking sites, Delicious, Blinklist, Bibsonomy, Bookmarksync, Connotea, Diigo, Fark, Faves, Google Bookmarks, Jumptags, Linkagogo, Mister Wong, Spurl, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Bookmarks, Simpy, Social Bookmarking Automation, OnlyWire, Status Update Sites, New node, Status Update Automation Tool,

Site Authority