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Social media intentions by Mind Map: Social media intentions
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Social media intentions

Connect to members, public

Connect to relevant members

Share information

Using appropriate channel for the message

Meaningful conversation with alumni with most appropriate tool

Finding/accessing relevant information

Access to a wider range of jobs, e.g. LinkedIn

Acquire customers

Get customer feedback, provide resource of information for them

Providing perspective, understanding on many diverse interests

Bridge gap between wildlife scientific community and general public to raise financial support

Raise awareness

Identify brand evangelists, strengthen/deepen relationships with them

Seek out and ID communities with an interest in travelling to our destinations

Richer internal communication

Build a community where people can share ideas, opinions

Finding appropriate personal/professional channels

Broadly enhance marketing plans

Consolidate learning

Advertise clients, find best channel/site

Using social media to present social media

Become a resource for other people