Social media intentions

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Social media intentions by Mind Map: Social media intentions

1. Connect to relevant members

2. Share information

3. Meaningful conversation with alumni with most appropriate tool

4. Finding/accessing relevant information

5. Providing perspective, understanding on many diverse interests

6. Bridge gap between wildlife scientific community and general public to raise financial support

7. Build a community where people can share ideas, opinions

8. Consolidate learning

9. Become a resource for other people

10. Connect to members, public

11. Using appropriate channel for the message

12. Access to a wider range of jobs, e.g. LinkedIn

13. Acquire customers

14. Get customer feedback, provide resource of information for them

15. Raise awareness

16. Identify brand evangelists, strengthen/deepen relationships with them

17. Seek out and ID communities with an interest in travelling to our destinations

18. Richer internal communication

19. Finding appropriate personal/professional channels

20. Broadly enhance marketing plans

21. Advertise clients, find best channel/site

22. Using social media to present social media