$100k Per Month Plan

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$100k Per Month Plan by Mind Map: $100k Per Month Plan

1. Internet Lifestyle Intensive Webinar Sales Funnel

1.1. #1: Facebook ad

1.2. #2: Webinar Registration Page

1.3. #3: Webinar Thank You Page Video

1.4. #4: Pre-Training Videos (6)

1.4.1. Video #1: Take People Into My World

1.4.2. Video #2: Explain "Direct Response Marketing" and show the example post I made that got 100+ comments.

1.4.3. Video #3: How To Collapse TimeFrames Using Slight Edge Principles.

1.4.4. Video #4: How To Paint Stories With Your Words & Explain That People Buy The Future.

1.4.5. Video #5: Explain Sales Funnels & Critique Anna's

1.4.6. Video #6: Explain The Concept Of AutoResponder's and Show An Example Of An Email That Got Me Sales.

1.4.7. NOTE: I cut out the 2 sales daily formula, so maybe use that elsewhere (or use if I don't end up doing the "take people into my world video")

1.4.8. NOTE: Use the emotions from hoverson's ad copy video in these videos.

1.5. #5: What To Expect During The Webinar. Pre-Webinar Video

1.6. #6: Post Webinar Details

1.6.1. 1.) Do encore next day

1.6.2. 2.) Send out replay & slides from webinar

1.6.3. 3.) Post webinar case study video

1.6.4. 4.) Post webinar recap sales video

1.6.5. 5.) 3 emails last day

1.7. #7: Include my core values in the sales process. They are as follows

1.7.1. Value 1: Health, Energy, Passion

1.7.2. Value 2: Personal development (reading & audio daily)

1.7.3. Value 3: Relationships With Family & Friends

1.7.4. Value 4: Business, Income, & Purpose

1.7.5. Value 5: Travel, Fun, & Leisure

2. Internet Lifestyle Intensive Training Program

2.1. Session #1: Direct Response Traffic Formula

2.2. Session #2: Instant Launch Plan

2.3. Session #3: The Top Secret Funnel Formula (switch session 2 and session 3, so teach funnels before launching)

2.4. Session #4: Evergreen Webinar Income System.

2.5. Session #5: Email Marketing Machine (maybe make this module 3, since I'll be making this step 3 in the 3 step formula)

2.6. Session #6: 21 Ancient Copywriting, Influence, & Persuasion Secrets

2.7. Bonus Advanced Secrets Session #1: Instant Info Product Blueprint

2.8. Bonus Advanced Secrets Session #2: My Insanely Profitable "Consulting Code"

2.9. Bonus #1: FB Ads Mastery

2.10. Bonus #2: Funded Proposal Formula

2.11. Bonus #3: Bridge Video Formula

2.12. IDEA: Think about "gamifying" parts of my intensive.

2.13. SEND PEOPLE A BOX or gift basket. Link in notes

3. Inner Circle Alliance MARKETING Process

3.1. 30 day follow up sequence after someone buys my intensive. One email every 2 days for 30 days. That's 15 total emails

3.2. Mention the application page & my mentoring in each session

3.3. Do LIVE webinars for my audience (fb friends, fans, email list, buyers, retargeting lists, etc) selling the free application that sells the $5k

3.4. Have Facebook group for my intensive buyers & talk about my mentoring in there

3.5. Maybe once a month or so, post something on fb about my mentoring program application and see if I can get a sale or two from my audience without a webinar

4. Inner Circle Alliance SALES Process

4.1. #1: Application Sales Page Sales Video

4.1.1. Use Kern's sales formula. Start video off with emotional story. Then get into the details. Go over the "feedback mechanism". Then what to expect. Then a call to action. Then what to do next

4.2. #2: Two videos below the sales video

4.2.1. Have one of those videos be me interacting with a client & the other one be a testimonial video

4.3. #3: Long form copy

4.3.1. Model Brunson's & Kerns

4.4. #4: Video on the actual application

4.4.1. Tell quick story, then show them how to fill out the application walking them through the questions and hitting submit to show them what will come next.

4.5. #5: Video after they fill out the application

4.5.1. Tell a third quick story. Tell them what to expect next. Tell them WHY I'm offering this program

4.6. #6: Have another training video after they fill out the application to watch as "homework"

4.7. #7: Video for people to watch explaining the packages DURING the phone sales process

4.7.1. A couple of things to include: #1: Talk about the BIGGEST problem people face = lack of a feedback mechanism #2: Talk about success rates being tiny, but ours are drastically higher BECAUSE of the psychology and science that goes into the alliance #3: Which are 7 LAWS: 1.) Feedback Mechanism 2.) Customized Plan 3.) Accountability 4.) Community 5.) Consistency 6.) Associations & Access 7.) Sustainability (long term) #4: As I list out each of those 7 reasons, make sure I go swish between pain & pleasure; terror & fantasy, by painting stories. So that it's LOGIC + EMOTION.

4.7.2. #4: Then after explaining the reasons why ours works, go over what each package is using the Feature, Advantage, Benefit Formula

4.7.3. #5: Start and end with emotional stories

4.7.4. #6: Really sell on the PAIN of NOT getting what they want VS the PLEASURE of getting it

4.8. #8: Use These Prices On The Survey: *$997 - $2,497 *$2,497 - $4,997 *$4,997 - $9,997 *$9,997 - $19,997 *$19,997+

5. LIVE webinar monthly process

5.1. Do 1 LIVE webinar per month for my current audience (fb friends, fans, email list, retargeting list, etc) to sell:

5.1.1. #1: My $5k coaching membership

5.1.2. #2: My live events

5.1.3. #3: My VIP weeks for $5k

6. EVENTS happening during the year

6.1. #1: I'd like to have 4 VIP WEEKS per year (once every 3 months)

6.1.1. I can sell this to my $15k clients & also through live webinars

6.2. #2: I'd like to have 4 live events per year

6.2.1. 3 events that are for my mastermind students & charge $997 to the public to attend and one big event per year for only $297 (maybe get some other speakers to attend)

7. Inner Circle Alliance Training Programs

7.1. Package 1: Legacy Alliance 6 Month Trial (final downsell)

7.1.1. $1,997 or 6 payments of $397 ($2,400) Same as the $5k package, just 6 months instead of 12 VALUE: $997 per coaching call = $6k + unlimited access to me on Voxer for 6 months = $2k. $8k value for $2k

7.2. Package 2: Legacy Alliance 12 Month Membership

7.2.1. $3,997 or 6 payments of $797 ($4,800) Includes: 1 full year of weekly masterminds (52 total)+ unlimited access to me on Voxer to ask me questions directly ALL year. VALUE: $997 per coaching call = $12k + unlimited access to me on Voxer for 12 months = $4k. $16k value for $4k

7.3. Package 3: Legacy Alliance Inner Circle MASTERMIND 12 Month Membership

7.3.1. $7,997 or 12 payments of $797 ($9,600) Includes: Everything that Alliance level + 2 one on one coaching calls per month + 3 LIVE events with me per year. VALUE: $1,997 per month for the coaching + $1,997 per event. That's a $30k value for $8k

7.4. Package 4: Legacy Alliance Inner Circle PLATINUM MASTERMIND 12 Month Membership

7.4.1. $12,997 or 12 payments of $1,297 ($15,500) Includes: Everything at the other levels + 2 VIP weeks per year. Call this the: Done For You Solution. Value: $30k + $20k in VIP weeks = $50k value for $13k.

8. High Ticket Sales Training From Oliver

8.1. #1: The 4 Stages Of Consulting Businesses

8.2. #2: How To Add $50k To $100k Per Month To Your Consulting Business

8.3. #3: Step By Step System To Sell High Ticket Over The Phone

9. Pricing For My Intensive: 1 Payment of $997 or 6 payments of $197

10. Intensive Launch Webinar FB ads:

10.1. Spend $200 a day for 4 days

10.1.1. Audiences: $50 a day to my friends $50 a day to my email list & fb fans $50 a day to empower network $50 a day to wukar

10.1.2. Goal: $800 spent. 500 register

10.2. Also: Do a few posts to my fb friends on my regular page & send a few emails to my list.

11. Intensive SALES WEBINAR Formula

11.1. Steps To Growing A Multiple 6 Figure + Per Year Income While Enjoying Your Life

11.1.1. #1: An Exposure, Direct Response Piece. (INSTANT Response Marketing). I.E. Leads. Show examples of lead generation (facebook, youtube).

11.1.2. #2: An AUTOMATED Conversion Piece. A way for you to CONVERT your response into Happy Buyers. (show examples of my best funnels).

11.1.3. #3: A Follow Up Piece (paint the picture of me being able to push 'send' on an email and money flowing into my bank account.