Online Learning vs. Hands-On Learning

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Online Learning vs. Hands-On Learning by Mind Map: Online Learning vs. Hands-On Learning

1. Pro's of Online learning

1.1. Flexibility in time, place, and comfort

1.2. Online schools are becoming more and more popular due to busy lifestyles

1.3. Save some gas money!

2. Pro's of Hands-On Learning

2.1. Some schooling like engineering and customer service degrees require hands-on learning

2.2. Requires less discipline since you are put into a classroom setting at a set time

2.3. Employers are more likely to hire people who have completed hands-on learning due to the negative stereotypes of online schooling

3. Why Online Learning?

3.1. Studies have shown that online learning has the same effectiveness as traditional learning and even more effectiveness than hybrid learning.

3.2. No matter what field you work in, almost all jobs require some basic knowledge of computers and its programs. It's a digital revolution!

3.3. There are many reputable institutions that do online schooling.

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