BW/Incoterms, C-group

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BW/Incoterms, C-group by Mind Map: BW/Incoterms, C-group

1. Attention

1.1. Attention: costs and risks are transfered...

1.2. two different points.

1.2.1. Transfer of costs ..when the goods arrive.. the buyers coutry

1.2.2. Transfer of risk when the goods are transfered.. the first carrier.

1.2.3. Overwiew

2. cip = carriage and insurance paid to...

3. cpt = carriage paid to....

4. cif = cost, insurance, freight

4.1. Transport is paid till the...

4.2. ..destination port.

4.3. Risks are transfered...

4.4. when the first carrier receives the goods.

4.5. Cif: value taken for the official import figure.

5. cfr = cost an freight

6. Main carriage paid by the seller