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Causes by Mind Map: Causes

1. Making Knowledge more widely accessible

1.1. Creating instructive content

1.2. Preserving history

1.2.1. Lessons from the past

2. Raising standards of living

2.1. Looking after the elderly

2.2. Helping those with disabilities

2.3. Reducing homelessness

2.4. Fighting poverty

3. Reducing conflict

3.1. Rebuilding wartorn areas

3.2. Politics

3.3. Dipolomacy

3.4. Preventing war

4. Healthcare

4.1. Working towards immortality

4.1.1. Prolonging life (with dignity)

4.1.2. Cryogenics

4.1.3. Organ transplants

4.1.4. Stem Cell research

4.2. Making health data and information easier to access, understand and navigate

4.3. Making healthcare affordable and accessbile

4.4. Curing/Alleviating Disease

4.4.1. Chronic Disease Diabetes Cancer Heart Disease

4.4.2. Mental Disease Alzheimer's Depression

4.4.3. Potentially devastating diseases Ebola SARS

4.5. Improving the understanding of our bodies

4.5.1. Protecting our bodies when we do things we want to do

4.5.2. Enhancing our minds

5. Improving our understanding of the universe

6. Creating inspirational art

7. Helping people reach their potential

8. Making society more harmonious

8.1. Criminal Justice

8.2. Crime

9. Preserving humanity

9.1. Warding against existential events

9.2. Looking after the planet

9.2.1. Renewable energy

10. Defending democracy

10.1. Defending freedom of speech