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Magical IE by Mind Map: Magical IE

1. See Inside How My Mind Works

2. Rejection Free

3. People Contact You

4. You Become The Authority Or Expert

5. How can I become the expert in my field, and be the go-to person people come too, and build an audience of loyal fans?

5.1. Mindset

5.1.1. Add insane value to your niche

5.1.2. Channel existing desire into your bank account

5.1.3. Empathetically connect with their pains or blocks

5.2. Strategy

5.2.1. Find Desire --> Help With Blocks or Objections ----> $$$$$$

5.2.2. Finding The Desire: Pregnancy

5.2.3. Finding The Blocks: Infertility

5.2.4. Become The Expert

5.2.5. Goal: Find 5 key players to build relationships with.

5.3. Tactics

5.3.1. Setup A Blog

5.3.2. Find The Pains In Your Industry

5.3.3. Publish Other Experts Answers On Your Blog

5.3.4. Promote Your Articles On Linked In To Similar Groups In Your Niche

5.3.5. Setup Lead Capture Your Top PT Pains Solved Now Enter Your Email To Have A Free Discovery Session With Me On How To Remove The Pains From Your Business

5.3.6. Blog About Biggest Pains In Industry

5.3.7. Post at least 1x, and maybe 3 or even 5x a week. Mini-posts with questions from market and answers from experts

5.3.8. Building a list the whole time

5.3.9. When you launch your product, you've already go an audience

5.3.10. Add video skype interviews with experts on the blog

5.4. Technology

5.4.1. Wordpress - Blog

5.4.2. ActiveCampaign - Marketing Automation

5.4.3. - Scheduling

5.5. Measurement

5.5.1. Google Analytics - to measure and do insights

5.6. Making Money With This Strategy