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1. what it does:

1.1. it does all of your hoovering for you so u don't have to spend time worrying about it .

2. who will use it ?

2.1. the single men that don't like to do house work

2.2. for old people who struggle to get around

2.3. women/house wifes that have to watch there children and can't watch two things at once

3. good things

3.1. its automatic

3.2. senser so it won't bump into things

3.3. takes less housework off your hands

4. how long it will last .

4.1. it is garanteed to work for 18 months if not you get a new one.

5. New node

6. P

7. name of product:

7.1. rose the robotic hoover

7.2. around we go

7.3. New node

8. what is the product

8.1. a robotic hoover that has a senser so theres no bashing into things.

9. What happens

9.1. makes a noise when needs emptying

9.2. recharges itself over night