Water Supply

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Water Supply by Mind Map: Water Supply

1. 1) What is water shortage?

1.1. Water Scarcity

1.1.1. Water scarcity is the lack of water resources to satisfy the water demands.

1.2. Water Vulnerability

1.3. Water Stress

1.3.1. The availability of water is not enough for human activities to be carried out.

1.4. Water Security

1.4.1. The availability of water for agricultural purposes.

1.5. Definition - A situation where the supply of water is insufficient to meet the demand of water.

2. 2) Distribution of water (locations)

2.1. Water footprint is the amount of water used through human activities.

2.2. Locations facing water shortage - South America, North America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

3. 5) How can we manage water shortage?

3.1. We can reduce water consumption and water footprint and also educate the public.

4. 3) Why water shortage?

4.1. Huge water footprint

4.2. Population Growth (Demand) = more uses = 1) Domestic - Comsumption 2) Economic - Agriculture and Industrial

4.3. Affluence (Demand) - more money =Lifestyle =More water used

4.4. Seasonal Rainfall may not be enough

4.5. Water Pollution (Supply) - Natural Water Pollution = Floods, Soil Erosion etc. Water pollution by human acts = Littering, Oil Spill etc.

4.6. Natural Disasters such as Floods

4.6.1. Pollution of water and Droughts

4.7. Climate Change (Supply)

4.8. Uneven distribution availability of water (Supply)

4.8.1. Resulted in a limited supply of water

5. 4) Impact of water shortage

5.1. Domestic Impact

5.1.1. Increased difficulty in collecting water

5.1.2. Water Rationing

5.2. Economic Impact

5.2.1. Reduced agricultural yields

5.2.2. Increased cost of industrial production

5.3. Political Impact

5.3.1. Conflict over water supply