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Ancient Rome by Mind Map: Ancient Rome

1. History

1.1. Romulus & Remus were raised by a wolf and founded the city. They had a fight and Romulus killed his brother. The city of Rome is named after him

1.2. Founded in 753 BCE

1.3. Fought against Carthage in the Punic Wars

2. Social Structure

2.1. The Patricians were the wealthy, ruling class of Roman society

2.2. The Plebeians were the everyday citizens of Rome.

2.3. Women in rome

2.3.1. Were not allowed to vote

2.3.2. Had different rights to the men

3. Vocabulary

3.1. BCE: Before Common Era

3.2. CE: Common Era

3.3. Civilisation:

3.4. Punic:

3.5. Patrician:

4. Emperors

4.1. g

4.1.1. g g