Congreuncy and Similarites

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Congreuncy and Similarites by Mind Map: Congreuncy and Similarites

1. The corresponing vertices must be named in correct order

1.1. E.g BCA is congruent to QRP

2. Two angles and a corresponding side are equal (ASA,AAS,SAA)

3. All three correspnding sides are equal (SSS)

4. Two figures are similar if

4.1. The corresponding angles are equal and

4.1.1. the corresponding sides are in the same ratio New node

5. When 2 figures are congruent, they are also similar

5.1. However the converse is not true

6. Similarity and Enlargement

6.1. An enlargement is a transformation that changes the size of a figure

6.2. If the scale factor is greater than 1, then the image is enlarged

6.3. If the scale factor is between o and 1, then the image is reduced

7. Areas of smilar figures

7.1. A1 and A2 denotes the areas of 2 similar figures and l1 and l2 denote their corresponding lengths

8. The hypotenuse and a side of right-angled triangles are equal (RHS)

9. Two sides and included angle are equal (SAS)