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m-Learning China Sources by Mind Map: m-Learning China Sources
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m-Learning China Sources

Mobile learning: the big picture

Chinese Students

Mobile Hardware Vendors

John Morovec's Blog

John Moravic's Blog has link to add for Ozing a Chinese Mobile learning device - page has links to his review of devices

Desmond Keegan from Ericsson

$35 Tablet India

Mobile Software Vendors

Has good introductions to m-learning in general

Mobile Study

Software for making quizzes for mobile phones. Not specifically related to China.

Academic Peer Review

A SWOT Analysis of m-Learning Diffussion in China and Taiwan

A pay per view article whose title sounds appropriate

OECD China Tertiary Review

Comprehensive review of Chinese Tertiary education has

Mobile Learning in Developing Nations. Motlik (2008)

New node

m-Learning China in the News

UK and China sign e-learning deal

Mobile learning with cell phones and pocket PCs.

Mobile Learning (mLearning), having drawn a great deal of attention and application in the US and European countries, is just entering China’s K-12 and higher education. Although the use of mobile devices in education is still in its infancy, there have been a few exemplary cases of successful use in schools. Several K-12 schools participated in a mobile inquiry program about birds; and several others use mobile devices for students and teachers to exchange short text-messaging. In higher education, leading institutions have attempted to create mobile virtual classrooms.

Understanding learners' perspectives on m-learning: results from a survey

China adopts an unprecedented way of diffusing m-learning in which mobile manufacturers play a central role in offering and developing m-learning products and services. This study reports current situation of m-learning in China. A questionnaire was developed with a collection of 65 responses. Based on the survey, this study aims to investigate learners' preference for daily m-learning usage as well as the impact of technological restrictions. Finally, the market potentials of m-learning in China are investigated as well.

m-Learning International

Dr Steve Yuen

A general intro to m-Learning power point slides from lecture tour 1994

World Bank -What do we know about mobile phones in education?

Learning Unplugged

10 Mobile Facts

Facts on mobile use in developing countries from consultancy firm File is attached

Mobile Learning for Expanding Educational Activities

Conference Document Has examples of projects in developing nations


Journal Articles


where m-learning sits



e-Learning China (not specifically m-learning)

e-Learning Initiatives in China

A quote from the linked review "the text is probably the best practical reader available today for understanding the discipline of E-learning in China."

eChina-Uk Project

A huge resource for all things e-Learning in China.Comprehensive reviews of literature and research. Summaries of  history of elearning in China, elearner profiles

A cultural analysis of e-Learning for China

A sound introduction into cultural issues as they relate to e-Learning in China. Comprehensive list of resources inroducing Chinese culture.   Abstract: This e-paper discusses e-Learning for China based upon the experiences of a free content website. Chinese culture, The Internet, and education are discussed using a number of deep links into online bibliographies, online journals and other knowledge objects. A cultural analysis is undertaken and conclusions are made. The future of research into e-Learning for China is considered.

m-Learning NZ

Ako Aotearoa - m-Learning Community

TVNZ News 26/07/10

Orakei Primary

Toni Twiss - edcautor with strengths in mlearning - blog

Toni Twiss - research - How can mobile phones be integrated into authentic classroom

NZ Student documentary - MLearning

projectmobilise Youtube Channel

mLearnopedia NZ blog : Judy Brown

mLearning Workshops

tom cochrane