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Non Motor prodromal symptoms by Mind Map: Non Motor prodromal symptoms
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Non Motor prodromal symptoms


Recognition and Management of Parkinson's Disease during the Premotor (Prodromal) Phase -->

Prospective association between emotional health and clinical evidence of Parkinson's disease -->

Nonmotor symptoms as presenting complaints in Parkinson's disease: a clinicopathological study -->

Symptoms and duration of the prodromal phase in parkinson's disease -->

The prodromal phase of sporadic Parkinson's disease: Does it exist and if so how long is it? -->

Olfactory testing combined with dopamine transporter imaging as a method to detect prodromal Parkinson’s disease -->

Parkinson's at risk syndrome: can Parkinson's disease be predicted? -->

When Does Parkinson Disease Start? -->

known prodromal symptoms

autonomic disorders

sleep disorders

#32 Search #27 AND (#28 OR #31) 11:51:57 2 #31 Search "REM Sleep Parasomnias"[Mesh] 11:50:53 455 #28 Search rem sleep behaviour disorder 11:50:21 642 #27 Search ("Heart Rate"[Mesh]AND "Autonomic Nervous System Diseases"[Mesh])

sensory dysfunctions

neuropsychiatric disordes

H. pylori:

Why this topic?

Make a connection with prodromal symptoms and pathophysiological mechanisms

To find possibility to delay onset of motor symptoms

Identify possibilities to start monitoring progress of the disease in an early stage

Sth triggers the process that at first leads to non motor then motor symptoms -> WHAT are the TRIGGERS?

why early recognition

Can we start treating non motor symptoms?

Can we start studying PD earlier?

Can we identify causal relations with next disease phases?

What is the relative contributing value of each of these symptoms to PD or other dieases

Pre-motor Pathophysiology

There MAY be dopamine loss in this phase

There may not be dopamine loss

early detection

"Early Diagnosis"[Majr] AND "Parkinson Disease"[Majr]

predicting pd 2009

Diagnosing premotor Parkinson's disease using a two-step approach combining olfactory testing and DAT SPECT imaging.

premotor pd 2008