GP Quit Smoking Advice

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GP Quit Smoking Advice by Mind Map: GP Quit Smoking Advice

1. Quit 'Cold Turkey'

1.1. No financial cost

1.2. no risk of addiction to drugs

1.3. Takes will power, motivation

1.4. Is there a support system ie family and friends

2. Access to help to quit

2.1. location of residence close to GP/medical centre

2.2. Availability of drugs

3. Alternative quit methods

3.1. Hypnotherapy

3.2. Patches

3.3. Herbal remedies

3.4. electric cigarettes/vapour cigarettes

3.5. Gum

4. Pros and Cons of Quitting

4.1. Healthier lifestyle

4.2. Decreases risk of cancer

4.3. Cheaper

4.4. Lower risk of heart disease/death

4.5. Will smoker be able to commit, stay off cigarettes

4.6. Community/social acceptance

5. Risk of addiction/reliance on drugs