New Elective Courses

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New Elective Courses by Mind Map: New Elective Courses

1. Administrative action

1.1. Study hall policy change

1.2. Courses are available at registration

1.3. communication with other area schools

1.4. shared classes with other area schools

1.5. support teachers

2. School board approval

3. students support

3.1. encouragement from parents

3.2. classes will benefit students

3.3. motivated to take courses

3.4. classes interest students

4. Parental support

4.1. challenge their child

4.2. communicate with school district

4.3. offer expertise

4.4. open communication with teachers regarding the importance of electives

4.5. educated to the importance of electives for their child's future

5. Teacher proposals

5.1. continuing educational opportunities

5.2. resources for new curriculum

5.3. ideas for new classes

5.3.1. student interest surveys

5.3.2. research other schools

6. Community support