Legal implications

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Legal implications by Mind Map: Legal implications

1. Computer Missuse Act 1990

1.1. Unauthorised access to programs or data

1.2. Unauthorised access with a further criminal intent

1.3. Unauthorised modification of computer material

2. Health and safety

3. Data Protection Act 1984 & 1998

3.1. Information commisioner

3.1.1. An independent supervisory authority

3.2. Principles

3.2.1. Fairly & lawfully obtained and processed

3.2.2. Processed for specified purpose

3.2.3. Adeuate, relevant and not exessive

3.2.4. Accurate and kept up to date

3.2.5. Not kept longer than neccessary

3.2.6. Proessed in accordance with the data subject's rights

3.2.7. Kept securely against loss, damage and accesss

3.2.8. Not transferred with adequate protection for the rights and freedom of data subjects

3.3. Definitions

3.3.1. Personal Data information about living individuals

3.3.2. Data controllers Thos who control the collection and use personal data

3.3.3. Data subjects The individuals to whom the data relates

3.4. Exemptions

3.4.1. Payroll, pensions, accounts & data for distribution purposes

3.4.2. Personal or household use

3.4.3. Data for statistics, research or backup

3.4.4. Data related to National security

3.4.5. For the prevention of crime

3.4.6. tax and duty

4. Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988

4.1. Copyright of software

4.2. Use of pirated software

4.3. Illegal to purchase copied software

4.4. Patented inventions cannot be used without license

5. RIP 2000