Kuala Lumpur Taxi

Kuala Lumpur Taxi

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Kuala Lumpur Taxi by Mind Map: Kuala Lumpur Taxi

1. General Information

1.1. Taxi fares are based on a metered rate

1.2. Taxi are available 24 hours a day

1.3. The flag-off rate is RM2.00 and 10 cents is charged for every subsequent 150 metres

1.4. Extra charges apply for services after midnight or for services booked by phone.

1.5. Passengers have the right to object if the taxi driver stops to pick up other passengers along the way.

1.6. Outside the city, as well as in other parts of Malaysia, taxis operate on a fixed rate depending on the distance

1.7. Web Sites

1.7.1. Kuala Lumpur Taxi http://kualalumpurtaxi.com

2. Taxi Travel Tips

3. Call A Taxi

3.1. Taxi Companies

3.1.1. Taxi Companies City Line Tel: 03 9222 2828 Comfort Taxi Tel: 03 2692 2525 http://www.comfortcab.com.my/ 7 Jalan 1/46A, Selingsing 7, Taman Niaga Waris, Jalan Kuching, 51200 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03 8024 2727 Fax: 03 8024 1111 Eco Transit Tel: 03 5512 2266 Hotline Radio Taxi Tel: 03 255 3399

3.1.2. Taxi Companies Mesra Cab Tel: 03 4043 0659 Oriental Radio Taxi Tel: 03 2694 4718 Persatuan Radio Teksi Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan Tel: 03 2693 6211 Radio Taxi Tel: 03 9221 7600

3.1.3. Taxi Companies Public Cab Online Booking Tel: 603-6259-2020

3.1.4. Taxi Companies Saujana Teksi Tel: 03 2162 8888 Sunlight Radio Taxi http://www.sunlighttaxi.com/ Premier Taxi Dial-a-Cab / Booking (Klang Valley) Town Taxi Dial-a-Cab / Booking (Klang Valley) Supercab Tel: 03 2095 3399 SW Radio Taxis Tel: 03 2693 6211

3.1.5. Taxi Companies TeleCab Tel: 03 4042 1019 UpTown Ace SuperCab (Yellow Cab) Tel: 03 9283 2333 http://www.uptownace.com.my/ Wira Cab Tel: 03 2144 3630

4. Taxi Rates

5. Airport Taxi

5.1. General Information

5.2. Taxi Companies

5.2.1. Airport Limo Sdn Bhd - Limo & Taxi Service Telephones Booking Centre KLIA Counter New node

6. Airport Travel

6.1. General Information

6.1.1. From KLIA there are several transport options to the city among them being the high-speed KLlA Ekspres train, taxis and buses.

6.2. Which Airports

6.2.1. Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA

6.2.2. Low Cost Carrier Terminal LCCT

6.3. Taxi

6.3.1. Airport limousine taxis (budget or premier) at KLIA operate using a prepaid coupon system.

6.3.2. Airport limousine taxis (budget or premier) at the KLIA operate using a prepaid coupon system and visitors are required to make their payment at the counter.

6.3.3. KLIA AIRPORT TAXI http://lcct.klia.com.my/index.php?ch=77&pg=216

6.3.4. Airport Limo offers taxi and limo services from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to selected areas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

6.4. Express Rail Link

6.4.1. Information Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd operates both the KLIA Ekspres and the KLIA Transit lines, which connect the airport to the city centre, terminating at the KL City Air Terminal (KL CAT) in KL Sentral. New node Contact Info www.KLIAekspres.com General Number: +603-2267 8088 Customer Enquiry Number: +603-2267 8000

6.4.2. KLIA Express A non-stop 28-minute ride on the KLIA Ekspres will connect you from the airport to the KL City Airlerminal (KLCAT) at the KL Sentral Station. This state-of-the-art transportation hub offers flight and baggage check-in services for Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Royal Brunei Airlines KLIA Express departs every 15 minutes during peak hours (5am-9am, 4pm-10pm) and every 20 minutes during off-peak times (9am-4pm, 10pm-12 midnight). KLIA Ekspres is the fastest way to travel to the city, as the journey only takes 28 minutes non-stop. The train is equipped with comfortable seats, digital entertainment, a wheelchair seat restraint, a wheelchair-friendly washroom, and luggage racks.

6.4.3. KLIA Transit Information The KLIA Transit is a commuter service with stops at 3 intermediate stations It departs every 30 minutes, with a journey time of 35 minutes from KLIA to KL Sentral. Contact Info www.KLIAekspres.com General Number: +603-2267 8088 Customer Enquiry Number: +603-2267 8000

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