Verb Structures

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Verb Structures by Mind Map: Verb Structures

1. The indicative

1.1. Present tense of (regular) -er verbs

1.2. Present tense of (regular) -ir verbs

1.3. Present tense of (regular) -re verbs

1.4. Present tense of highest frequency irregular verbs

1.4.1. aller

1.4.2. être

1.4.3. avoir

1.4.4. faire

1.5. The immediate future (aller + infinitive)

1.6. Conjugated verbs followed by infinitives

1.7. Present tense of irregular verbs

1.7.1. Group 1 voir recevoir prendre

1.7.2. Group 2 pouvoir vouloir savoir

1.7.3. Group 3 dire lire ecrire rire

1.7.4. Group 4 ouvrir sortir partir venir mettre

2. The imperative

2.1. Regular verbs

2.2. Irregular verbs

3. Concepts in Grammar

3.1. Concepts Essential to Students in French I

3.1.1. The infinitive and conjugation; inflection

3.1.2. Attributes of verbs modality/mood tense agreement

3.2. Concepts Incidental to Students in French I

3.2.1. Defining, identifying, and categorizing verbs linking and action transitive and intransitive voice: active and passive reflexive verbs