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Personal Information Management (PIM) by Mind Map: Personal Information Management  (PIM)
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Personal Information Management (PIM)

PIM Activities

Choosing processes for managing your information

Selecting software and services that support PIM

Making your information findable

Making your information accessible

Saving information for future use

Protecting your information

What information are we talking about?

Research & Info Gathering



Other Files

Organizing structures

Personal Data

Contacts / social networks

Related Topics

Personal organization

Personal productivity

PC / device setup / migration

Learning / Research / Writing

Collaboration / Social Computing

Content aggregation

Lifestreaming and Digital Scrapbooking

What questions are addressed here?

How to manage my personal research materials?

How to manage my Digital Photos?

I"ve put a bunch of photos in Flickr and I have a bunch more on my computer.   These files are separate and disconnected.  The system as a whole feels convoluted.  What"s it gonna look like in 20 years.   Will I just have a spaghetti mess?  Will I lose all the captions and filtering and organizing work I did in Flickr.  (Assuming Flickr goes out of business or morphs into something unrecognizable)

How to manage my music collection / library?

How to manage my Personal Records?

How and when to use Cloud-based information services?

How to manage my email and correspondence?

How to manage my professional portfolio? and professional online presence

When and how best to share any of the above with others?

How to manage my calendar / events / appointments?

How to manage my budget, my finances, my bills?

How to access my information from multiple devices?

How to manage my to-do lists and my projects?

How to manage my multiple social networks?

How to manage all my passwords?


Get better use of your digital assets over time

Protect, preserve and ensure easy access to your information

Better personal productivity