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Mobility 2020 by Mind Map: Mobility 2020
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Mobility 2020

User != Device


Independent Being <device@network>, Shared Among Multiple Users

Applications Virtualized, Running in a Unified Cloud, Supporting Continuous Client Device not a Platform, but only an Execution Environment

Sharing, Teamwork, Leisure

Wallet, Virtualized Credit Cards

Social Interactions, Unified Address Book

Entertainment, Virtualized Goods, Tencent, Zynga, Facebook, Jambool


Walls, One-To-Any, Any-To-One

Advertising, Direct Sales



Infrastructure Operators

DPI: QoS, prioritization

Data only networks


Facebook Google Voice

Whispernets, M2M: Internet of Things, "M2M Switch", Dog tracking / Geo fencing, Remote sensors / telemetry, Assets Monitoring, Train Carriages, ...more, Service Oriented Networks, Amazon Kindle, Yanosik, ...more

Authentication Services

Enhanced Call Services, B Party status before dialing, Subject / priority, Mutual authentication


Mainframes: 1M Minicomputers: 10M Personal PC's: 100M Desktop Internet: 1B Mobile Internet: 10B

Wireless Transmission

Mobile 2009 = Desktop 2000

Cisco: 66x growth by 2013

LTE-A Rel.10 Cat.8: 1200Mbps downlink / 600Mbps uplink

Shannon: FemPtto Cells

Antennas Everywhere

Cognitive Radios, In Terminals, In Base Stations

SDR's Software Defined Radios, 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, 3.5G, 4G LTE, 4G WiMax, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, BLE, GPS..., Power amplifiers?, ASOCS

Backhaul Needed


VoLGA / UMA / VoIP, Wideband Codecs Mobile HiFi Voice, Multimodal sessions Voice / Text / App Sharing

CoA : Care-of-Addresses Implied tunel to home BU : Binding Updates

Local Net = Global Net, Firewalls On Devices

Terminals Teleputers Hardware

Cognitive SDR's

IPv6 + Firewalls

Crypto + Biometry



eg. Image debluring

Augmented Reality

On Retina Projection

Neural Control as Input

Proximity Interaction


Voice Recognition

Problems / Opportunities

Battery Life

Micro mechanical Chargers

Nanotech LSA Materials

Energy Saving Designs, Offload Engines / Conservation Cores, Blocks, WAV Interrupts handlers, Display Enhancement, Display Refresh, Music playback, Companies, QuickLogic, MEMS Displays, Mirasol

Roaming Prices

Whispernets / Regulators


Integration of functions opens many new opportunities for hackers

Precise Indoor Location

Universal Remote

Indoor GPS Repeaters, Insiteo




Color MEMS, Qualcomm / Mirasol

On-Retina Lasers, Microvision, Brother AirScouter, Lemoptix, Lumus

Keyboardless Input

Voice recognition, Grumby

Context Aware Computing, Ambient sensors, Cameras, Microphoness, Image recognition, Voice recognition

Neural Headbands, Emotiv, OCZ NIA, Neurosky, PLX XWave


Power Modules / Amplifiers, Anadigics?

Universal Antennas