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Ole Henriksen by Mind Map: Ole Henriksen

1. The editor for L.A Times suffered from acne, read his press release so she called him and challenged him if he could help her, with her skin. She would write an article about his skin treatments. And he has been busy ever since.

2. Turning point:

3. What it's like to be the skin care guru to the stars:

3.1. Every costumer is treated the same: Like a VIP. Its important to make them feel confident and speciel.

4. Clients:

4.1. Barbra Streisand and Kirk Douglas have been with him for a long time. But also Jessica Alba, Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Rene Zellweger, Kylie Minogue, Ellen Degeneres and Paris Hilton

5. Advice to people who wants to make it in Hollywood:

5.1. You need to stay focused, but you must be willing to learn and be open to criticism. Its important that you are passionate and dont give up because there is competition.

6. Hard work or luck?

6.1. You create your own luck through hard work.

7. American Dream:

7.1. It's the dream he lives. Anything is possible in America.

8. His upbringing:

8.1. Born in May, in a small village. He had a poor family. He was a creative child, he read a lot of books and made collages from magazine pictures.

9. Work while growing up:

9.1. He worked as a milk delivery boy (10) because it was the best paid, and nobody else wanted to get up so early. He liked to save money and buy gifts for his family. At age 12 he got a job as newspaper delivery boy. He loved to chat with the people in the village and used the money to get into a private school in Aalborg.

10. How he got involved with skincare:

10.1. Ole was on a trip to Indonesia where he got acne so he got a treatment for his acne and it opened his eyes to how important it is to take care of your skin. Then he opened his own spa.