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Scholarly Resources: Journal Articles by Mind Map: Scholarly Resources: Journal Articles
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Scholarly Resources: Journal Articles

Research Process

Choose a topic

Initial investigation

Form, refine a question

Define information needs

Select the right databases

Discover, evaluate resources

Digest what you find

Document the results

Find a Database

General database

ProQuest, Advanced search, Check search tips before starting, Exclude book reviews, View Scholarly tab, Articles may be available full text or not, Export citation to EndNote, Save the full text to EndNote

Specialized, citation database

America: History and Life

Getting and saving full text

WFU Full Text Options

PDF documents: Save to your hard drive, then "Insert Object" into EndNote Record

HTML documents: Print to Adobe PDF onto your hard drive, then "Insert Object" into EndNote Record

Approaches to Searching


Simple Search, Type some words & go - use browsing features to refine/limit

Advanced Search, Start with research question, Pick out key terms, Figure out synonyms/related terms, Consider how to truncate to expand retrieval of term variations, Use boolean "and" "or" "not" to expand/limit your search, Limit by date, publication type, etc.


Subject Browsing

Author Browsing

Journal Browsing

Visual search



Format (journal, newspaper, book)

Publication level (scholarly, popular)

Article length/format


Sociological Abstracts, Search for social networks, what other subjects come up?, How does CSA allow you to build on subject browsing to refine searches?

Academic Search Premier (Visual Search), Click on Visual Search Tab, Search for social networks, Browse the tree - is this better/worse?, Compare to traditional search, is one better/worse?

ScienceDirect, search for social networks, look for browsing opportunities (author, cited articles, subject)

Find a Journal, Really only works in very directed searches

Search Alerts

Find a Journal

For finding whether WFU subscribes to a particular journal

NOT GOOD for searching to find a particular article

Reference found in important article

Do we have this journal?, FEANAGAN, M. 1990 'Gender and urban political reform: the city club and the woman's city club of Chicago in the progressive era' American Historical Review 95. 1032-1050