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Units Grade 8 by Mind Map: Units
Grade 8
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Units Grade 8

Face Project

using photoshop

graphic types ICT3.23, jpeg, ping, gif, psd

PS Tools

copright and images ICT 2.0.4 & 3.2.2

network resources

P Drive, backup

course folder

Video of students work


online quiz

face project rubric

online quiz Pshop notes

photoshop reflection

Digital Identity

presentation from last year

Data Analysis

Introduction through Gapminder Desktop

Introduction to Tinkerplot

Creation of Survey

Data analysis

creation of an infographic


Trial of face animation

Creating Animated gifs photoshop

Intro to game creation

collaborative project


introduce the blogging cycle

Diigo accounts and useage

Reading from G News

Highlight Using Diigo

Who, What, When, Where

Weekly blog post based on this

Setup Tools

Diigo Student Accounts

blog for students

blog for grade 8

setup class blogs

add new classmates

moodle class setup

login in to Moodle

Introduce Gmail

gravatar setup

Setup folders and P Drive


You and WWW

Intro o Gearth

Gearth Laos Tour

Gearth /Screenplay Embed reflection

Add audio to screencast

Podcast/Vodcast- Sound booth