Coaching & Motoring Workshop

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Coaching & Motoring Workshop by Mind Map: Coaching & Motoring Workshop

1. Skills and competences

1.1. Planning

1.1.1. Meeting structure; start, end, how often, optional themes

1.1.2. Understand the context of the mentee

1.2. Communication

1.2.1. Listening

1.2.2. Mistakes Telling them what to do

1.3. Context of training

1.3.1. Structured approach included which can be used outside of the Students' Association context Use specific Students' Association examples Profile of a good president, coach etc

1.3.2. Balance between context specific and structured based Use the GROW model Develop complimentary documents walking them through this for use after the workshop Basic skills required

1.4. Knowing the right questions to ask

1.4.1. Results in the mentee coming up with answers and solutions Develop an activity during training for this Consider the mentees network

1.5. Trust

1.5.1. Role of mentor

1.5.2. Establishing a good relationship

2. Complimentary resources

2.1. Log template

2.1.1. Explanation of why a log is useful

2.1.2. Guide on how to use the log

2.2. GROW model

2.2.1. Guide on how to use

2.3. Action plan

2.3.1. Completed during meeting for use afterwards

2.4. Questions

2.4.1. Bank of questions to help ask the right questions