Planning for a career.

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Planning for a career. by Mind Map: Planning for a career.

1. The sooner you start planning the better

1.1. Start making smart SMART goals

1.1.1. Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely

1.2. Explore possible career paths

1.2.1. It will help to apply for jobs suitable to your chosen area of studies.

1.3. Focus on the future

2. Whats involved in career planning.

2.1. Clear thinking on long term goals and aspirations

2.2. Start looking for potential occupations

2.2.1. Do they match up with the course being studied

2.3. Research all options

2.3.1. Find out where the best opportunities will be for future successes after studies are completed.

2.3.2. Start applying. Supply and demand of employment Economic condtions Don't pin all hopes on one occupation Speak to career services at ECU Speak to tutors

3. Where in my career would I like to be in 10 years?

3.1. High salary

3.2. Working in a team environment

3.3. Possibly working internationally

3.4. Working at something exciting

3.4.1. Also something I'm interested in.

3.5. Rewarding job

4. ECU facilities

4.1. Career services

4.2. Volunteering

4.3. Mentoring

5. Work conditions

5.1. Career progression

5.2. Personal development

5.3. Workplace benefits

5.4. Job security

5.5. Long term goals

6. Exploring different occupations

6.1. Sift through all of the options

6.1.1. Make a shortlist

6.2. Obtaining Impartial information

6.2.1. Graduate websites

6.2.2. Minimum qualifications expected

6.2.3. find out what skills and qualities are going to help with the application

6.3. Read company literature

6.3.1. Explore career expos

6.3.2. Write or Email HR department at companies you are interested in

6.3.3. ECU career services

7. Action Plan

7.1. What do i need to be studying to get to where i want to be.

7.2. Work hard

7.3. Employers are interested in personal qualities

7.3.1. Extra-curricular activities

7.4. Internships

7.4.1. Ask employers for a reference

7.5. Acation plan should contain specific tasks

7.5.1. And dates, this semester, this year.

8. Tips for career planning

8.1. Personal development plan

8.1.1. Analise goals

8.1.2. Plan future

8.2. Career options

8.2.1. study where the career might take me Other avenues after graduating

8.3. CV

8.3.1. Keep up to date

8.3.2. Tailor CV for every position applied for

8.3.3. Make a draft CV that is easy to edit

9. References

9.1. McMillan & Weyers,2012 chapter 68, pp. 417-422 'Planning for a career'