Minerals and Rocks

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Minerals and Rocks by Mind Map: Minerals and Rocks

1. Analysis Questions

1.1. 1.) Q: What are three different ways in which rocks can form? A: Cooling of magma, high temperature and pressure, and layers that eventually harden together.

1.2. 3.) List 1: heat, pressure, kimberlite, metamorphic.

1.2.1. The word crossed out would be kimberlite. The word circled is metamorphic, because heat and pressure create metamorphic.

1.3. 3.) List 2: magma, igneous, volcano, sediments.

1.3.1. The word crossed out is sediments. The word circled is igneous, because the cooling magma in a volcano creates igneous.

1.4. 3.) List 3: rock formation, sedimentary, metamorphic, plastic.

1.4.1. The word crossed out is plastic. The word circled is rock formation because sedimentary and metamorphic is types of rock formation.

2. A couple examples of minerals

2.1. Calcite

2.2. Quartz

2.3. Hematite

2.4. Diamond

3. Geologists

3.1. People who study rocks and minerals are called geologists.

4. Types of rocks

4.1. Metamorphic

4.1.1. Metamorphic forms by high temperature and high pressure.

4.2. Sedimentary

4.2.1. Sedimentary forms when sediments are deposited out of air, ice, wind, gravity and water. It then forms when weathering and erosion break down a rock into loose material in a source area.

4.3. Igneous

4.3.1. Igneous is formed by the cooling of magma.

5. Metamorphic

5.1. Quartzite

5.2. Phyllite

5.3. Gneiss

6. Igneous

6.1. Obsidian

6.2. Granite

7. Can be identified with their

7.1. Shape

7.1.1. tetrahedron

7.1.2. cube

7.1.3. octahedron

7.1.4. rhombohedron

7.2. Size

7.2.1. How big is it?

7.3. Properties

7.3.1. Transparency opaque Cannot see through object translucent Can see through object, but can only see blurry. transparent Can see through object perfectly

7.3.2. Streak color Use the mineral to draw a line on an item and observe the color of the streak.

7.3.3. Light Refraction Place a mineral on a printed page and look at the words. Record how many images of the word you see

7.4. Luster

7.4.1. brilliant

7.4.2. glassy

7.4.3. dull

7.5. Hardness

7.5.1. i.e. Harder or softer than copper?

7.6. Color

7.6.1. What color is it?

8. Sedimentary

8.1. Sandstone

8.2. Limestone

8.3. Shale