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Michael K. by Mind Map: Michael K.

1. Think

1.1. In the beginning Michael K. thought that his human/alien friends were crazy because they wore alien costumes and ran around the school playground with fake guns. Evidence on page 1 - 12

1.1.1. Michael K. felt sorry, because for his big buddies (You work with kids under your grade) he choose play with kindergarteners. He thought it was just playing with little kids but it was actually doing a play of little red riding hood. Evidence on page 60 - 83 Michael K. fainted in the little red riding hood play, there was a agency that wanted the aliens because of the explosion but they didn't know it was from Bob and Jen, they thought it was the P.E teacher and the nurse. A agent tripped while trying to get the nurse and the P.E teacher and flew on stage and landed on Michael K. . When he fainted he thought the agent got Bob and Jen (Because he thought the agency knew that Bob and Jen were the aliens) but they didn't, he rolled out of the auditorium with his doughnut suit. Evidence on page 195 - 204

2. Says

2.1. Michael K. says that he is going to prove to Venus and TJ that Bob and Jen are aliens. Evidence on page 2- 31

2.1.1. Michael K. does some calculations and then he finds out Bob and Jen are alien kindergarteners and says it to TJ and Venus. Evidence on page 110 - 114 Micheal K. says to his mom that they have gained more followers on his website. Evidence on page 214 - 215

3. Does

3.1. In the beginning of the story Michael K. saved the world , a bully threw a spoonful of yogurt on Jen shoe and she created a electro magnetic ball and it almost exploded, but Michael K. got the yogurt of her shoe. This sounds quite weird but it's actually in the story. Evidence on page 16 - 21

3.1.1. Michael K. brings Venus and TJ to Bob and Jen's house. Evidence on page 97 - 104 Michael K. sings a song to calm down the kindergarteners. Evidence on page 209 - 210