Police Corruption

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Police Corruption by Mind Map: Police Corruption

1. How exactly does police officers become corrupt?

1.1. To Serve and Collect: Measuring Police Corruption

1.2. Police Corruption an Analytical look into Police Ethics

1.3. Undermining the Rule of Law

1.4. I will look at the history of corruption in the police force and how or what made police officers go into corruption. I will also look at cases

2. Does corruption lie within certain races, ethnicities, or class?

2.1. White Power, Black Power, and Racial Politics By: Robert Staples

2.2. Key Issues in Crime and Punishment

2.3. I will try to find statistics to see if a certain race ethnicity or a particular social class of police officers are corrupt

3. What acts/actions are deemed corrupt?

3.1. Understanding and Preventing Police Corruption: lessons from Literature

3.2. FBI Law Enforcement: Police Corruption- An Analytical look into Police Ethics

3.3. Police Corruption: towards working Definition

3.3.1. New node

3.4. Looking up what are the different typeset corruption that police officers commit.

4. Why has there been no progress on corruption?

4.1. Key Issues In Crime and Punishment

4.2. Understanding and Preventing Police Corruption: Lessons from Literature

4.3. Police Management: Professional Integrity in Policing

4.4. I will look up what is "being done" to stop corruption in the police force

5. How does corruption affect the Criminal justice system?

5.1. Scholarly articles

5.2. Book: The Complexities of Police Corruption; Gender, Identity, and Misconduct

5.3. Police Corruption: Towards working Definition

5.4. I will look at the actions of the police officers and how their actions interfere or effect the criminal justice system. Plus how it makes the Fiminal Justice system look.