Types of Microbes (OLD VERSION)

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Types of Microbes (OLD VERSION) by Mind Map: Types of Microbes (OLD VERSION)

1. Cellular Microbes

1.1. Prokaryotic Microbes (composed of prokaryotic cells)

1.1.1. Bacteria Gram-Positive Bacteria Endospore-Formers Non Endospore-Formers Gram-Negative Bacteria many genera Non-Typical Bacteria Acid-Fast Bacteria (AFB) Cell Wall Deficient (CWD) Bacteria No Cell Wall Bacteria (Mycoplasma spp.)

1.1.2. Archaea

1.2. Eukaryotic Microbes (composed of eukaryotic cells)

1.2.1. Microscopic Fungi Yeasts Molds (Hyphal) Dimorphics

1.2.2. Microscopic Protists Protozoa (animal-like cells) Algae (plant-like cells)

1.2.3. Microscopic Animals (egg, larva, and/or adult forms as applicable) Helminths (parasitic worms) Roundworms (Nematodes) Flatworms (Platyhelminthes) Arthropods mites ticks mosquitoes maggots/flies Water-Dwelling

2. Noncellular (Acellular) Microbes

2.1. Viruses

2.1.1. DNA Viruses Single-Stranded DNA Viruses (ssDNA) Double-Stranded DNA Viruses (dsDNA)

2.1.2. RNA Viruses Single-Stranded RNA Viruses (ssRNA) Sense Strand (+) ssRNA Viruses Antisense Strand (-) ssRNA Viruses Double-Stranded RNA Viruses (dsRNA)

2.2. Prions (Infectious Proteins)

2.3. Viroids (Infectious RNAs)