We need to distinguish goals from initiatives (use backgrounds)

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1. G : Scale business for the long tail

1.1. I : build marketing automation

1.2. I : build sales automation

1.3. I : build a self service platform

1.3.1. I : Automate onboarding flow

1.3.2. I : Automate merchant activation Site wise tag deployment Automate form mapping configuration Automate campaigns setup campaign wizards campaign templates campaign management

1.3.3. I : Automate operations Automate invoicing issue monthly invoice per office.currency.customer collect and record invoice information Automate payment collection add payment settings collect and record payment credentials implement payment gateway charge as soon as balance due dunning accounts when payment overdue

2. G : Improve staff efficiency

2.1. G : improve marComs efficiency

2.1.1. import ERP data into Pardot

2.2. G : improve sales efficiency

2.2.1. G : improve lead generation implement marketing automation tool (Pardot) blog/SEO/SocialMedia/CMS/LeadManagement/LandingPages/CTA/MarketingAutomation/Email/analytics setup lead gen pages setup marketing campaigns connect marketing automation with ERP intelligence data (interest, level of activity,behaviors) lead scoring marketing interactions (emails,...) enrich leads

2.2.2. G : improve automatic lead qualification social enrichment for contacts get public data for websites

2.2.3. G : improve pipeline management develop pipeline views

2.2.4. G : improve customer communication send email at the right time (auto schedule) track email activity (email opened, clicked,....) desktop notification of their leads activity

2.3. G : improve AM efficiency

2.3.1. G : Improve setup process SLA and efficiency configuration workflow

2.3.2. G : Improve account invoicing

2.3.3. G : Improve customers reporting report website activity report transactions report fees

2.4. G : improve TS efficiency

2.4.1. I : Use templates

2.4.2. I : Automatic configuration consistency checks (health check)

2.5. G : improve HR efficiency

2.5.1. build PO workflow

2.5.2. build corporate repository

2.5.3. build vacation management system

2.5.4. Learning management system

2.6. G : improve Customer Support/success efficiency

2.6.1. issue reporting system

3. I : leverage data

3.1. I : collect valuable data

3.2. I : monetize data

3.2.1. I : provide industry benchmark

3.2.2. I : provide enriched data to FlexOne

3.3. G : Regain users confidence in data

3.3.1. I : secure configuration from scratch check configuration with scripts better field control in forms coherence check before posting a config live preview of what's captured/will be shot privilege config workflow over monolithic configuration

3.3.2. I : run audits on captured data and live configurations detect aberrant captured data detect huge change in trends quarantaine bad capture

3.3.3. G : offer full data transparency I : data traceability I : keep raw data I : log of events leading to a transaction G : better deduplication engine I : access event log in platform

3.3.4. G : solve attribution problem

3.3.5. G : better VeCapture

3.3.6. I : better integrate with local operations

4. G: Increase revenues from customers

4.1. G : acquire new customers

4.1.1. I : scalable partnership I : integrate with e-shop engines I : integrate with Tag managers I : integrate with payment platforms I : integrate with ticketing systems

4.2. G: Improve ARPU

4.2.1. I : Support new core applications transactions integration reporting integration ERP integration

4.2.2. I : upsell new campaigns on new apps in app communication

4.2.3. I : improve underperforming creatives

4.3. G : Reduce customers churn

4.3.1. I : detect customers at risk

4.3.2. I : why did you leave us survey?

4.4. G : Improve customer satisfaction

4.4.1. G : improve tools performance more sales for less marketing expenses deduplicate marketing levers combine channels cookie based email abandonment cookie

4.4.2. G : ease creation of campaigns campaign wizards sequence builder creative editor engine campaign scheduler template campaigns

4.4.3. G : better reporting improve look and feel better charts data stories interactive dashboards improve content inventory performance funnel analysis forms analysis

4.4.4. G : provide industry insights to prospects and customers collect enough data have VeTag deploy site wise push VeTag install on every e-commerce website have VeCapture report default stats store data anonymously big data environment data transformation classify websites and pages build industry data (aggregation)

4.4.5. G : educate customers and have them feel in control

4.4.6. I : online support team

4.5. G : Improve agencies management

4.5.1. adapt reporting for agencies