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Heat by Mind Map: Heat
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Sources of heat

Sources of heat can be divided into Natural and Unnatural sources of heat

Natural Sources

Unnatural Sources

An unnatural source of heat cannot produce heat on its own.


Clinical thermometer

Laboratory thermometer


Can be measured using thermometers and heat sensors

Degree Celsius

The unit of measurement for heat is degree celsius

Human body temperature is 37 degrees celsius

Sense of Touch

Feel if something is hot or cold

Cannot measure the temperature of objects but can be used to sense if something is hot or cold

Heat sensors or dataloggers

Used to measure temperature accurately

Heat Gain

Causes a rise in temperature

Something that gains heat will becoming hotter

Heat Loss

Causes a drop in temperature

Something that loses heat will becoming cooler

Heat always flows from a hotter to a colder place or object

hotter to colder test