Strengths Based Learning

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Strengths Based Learning by Mind Map: Strengths Based Learning

1. Homework is Easier

1.1. Teach Yourself, Don't be Reliant on Teachers

1.2. Make it FUN

1.2.1. Destinations

1.3. Study in YOUR Way for Best Learning

1.4. Grades go UP because you use your Strengths to Study

2. Consider Homeschooling

2.1. You learn what you NEED

2.2. Your Learning Style Every Moment

2.3. Learn at YOUR Pace

2.4. Use Curriculum Interesting to YOU

3. How to Choose a School

3.1. Based on YOUR Learning Style

3.2. That Empowers YOU to learn YOUR way

3.3. That Supports & Embraces Who YOU Are

4. Capitalize on your Strengths

4.1. How do YOU learn?

4.1.1. Bodily-Kinesthetic

4.1.2. Visual-Spatial

4.1.3. Mathematical-Logical

4.1.4. Verbal-Linguistic

4.1.5. Musical

4.1.6. Interpersonal

4.1.7. Intrapersonal

4.1.8. Naturalist

4.1.9. Spiritual-Existential

5. Academic Success

5.1. Studying using your Learning Style=Fun & Effective

5.1.1. Make better grades

5.1.2. Score better on tests

5.1.3. Enjoy learning again

5.1.4. Make studying less painful

5.1.5. Use your education to do a job you LOVE

5.1.6. Learn even with teachers you don't "get"

6. Reroute your Brain

6.1. Using How YOU Learn to Succeed

6.1.1. What works for you?

6.1.2. Find new ways to teach yourself

6.1.3. Stop doing homework the old way

7. Multiple Intelligences