Information Literacy

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Information Literacy by Mind Map: Information Literacy

1. 5. Identify and explain connections between new ideas and information and their previous beliefs, values, and experiences

2. Identify information needs

2.1. 1.identify how resources are classified within different classification systems

2.2. 2. skim to identify key inter-relationships concepts and arguments

2.3. construct mind-maps to frame research questions

2.4. 3. Identify gaps in information obtained

2.5. 4. Identify differences in purpose and coverage of different periodicals, newspapers and Internet news websites

3. Locate information

3.1. 3. XXXX

3.2. 4. XXX

3.3. 1. use keywords with logical operators to search for information with search engines

3.4. 2. XXXX

4. Evaluate information

4.1. describe and evaluate a variety of strategies for locating information in print and electronic resources, including mass media

5. Use information

5.1. draw conclusion from the information collected and apply the knowledge to solve problems of similar nature

5.2. 4. conduct surveys, interviews and devise simple framework for formulating questionnaires

5.3. use the electronic library catlog system to conduct basic & advanced searching