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Professional Development Ideas/Plans/Needs by Mind Map: Professional Development
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Professional Development Ideas/Plans/Needs

Every Day uses for Laptops

What else besides projects?

How to organize files for multiple classes?, New node

Using for taking notes

New node

as assignment notebook


e-mail kids reminders?

collaborative projects

within district

outside of district

New node

Learning Circles

within classroom

Can use to MindMeister for students to brainstorm for projects/ plan timeline also and assign people, Can Link or place attachments

Problem Based Learning


connect with math?

Global Connections

New node

New node

Web 2.0 Tools

Virtual bookshelves

to track books read

to write book reviews

to get book recs

What do 6th grade students need to come in with from 5th grade?



response journaling via blogs

Class discussions

Classroom blog with each student contributing...i.e. each student has their own blog but can be read and commented on by other students

Parental Permision?


Find authors

Choose experts for subject areas, Science

Connect with others around the world



Google Earth

Literature trips

virtual soc. studies tours

On line tests using googledocs


i Movie

video recording / editing

step-by-step directions, New node

Open Office


Calendar, Special Days

open office

Subject Specific


publishing on-line


sharing other than wiki, New node, New node

wiki discussions

Charting Genre Characteristics on Mindmeister


lit circles, New node

On line book clubs


Create List of programs 6th graders have learned

Consequences: Plagiarism

Student Websites

on line portfolios

Virtual Portfolios

Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) for District 96?

Appropriate use sign-off sheets for students

submitting assignments to common drop box

Can create a drop box on server

multiple choice quiz/graded/score submitted to teacher

Expectations and consequences