Dear White People

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Dear White People by Mind Map: Dear White People

1. LIONEL HIGGINS - A black student with a stereotypical afro that apparently white people love to poke at. - He is in a struggle on where he “belongs” at one point he sits on the steps of a building and struggles while looking at two groups, one black, one gay. Where does he fit in? - He runs into a housing struggle early in the movie. The dean suggests that he live in the black resident hall because he has no other affiliation. - He is assumed to be in the Black Student Union because he is black. - Ultimately is disgusted with the racism that is being inflicted upon him and others. Decides to crash the black face party and put a stop to it

1.1. Reggie asks Lionel- What's harder, being black enough for the white kids, or being black enough for the black kids? Lionel answers Both. This is a struggle for Lionel. He doesn't understand why he has to gauge his blackness with the people he hangs out with

1.2. He goes to the newspaper and sort of sneaks into the room. He then says "Don't worry, the negro at the door is not here to rape you." at a later part in the movie he does almost the same thing and addresses it again. This time the girl says "Lionel please, you're only technically black." What does that mean to be only technically black? can someone be only technically white? and because he is only technically black, that takes away the fear of rape?

2. COLANDREA "COCO" CONNERS - Host of a youtube channel. - She is in the running to be a star of a reality show on TV. - Her view is this: She doesn’t want to be associated with her stereotype. - She changes her name to Coco because it sounds less black - Her youtube channel isn’t too appealing to people because she isn’t acting black. - She decides to MC the black face party. - At this party she planned to film it for her youtube channel. at the party she realizes that she can’t stand the racism and is a way understands that her trying to be white and ignoring her culture is hurtful to her. - Doesn’t date black guys, sleeps with Troy (Black).

2.1. She attends the black face party, she begins to record for her youtube viewers. "Why are white folks addicted to being black. Why are black folks addicted to blonde barbie doll wigs? A strange symbiosis." She's asking these questions when she herself is a black person who is striving so hard to be white

3. SAM WALLACE - The voice behind “Dear White People" - Voted leader of an all black resident hall - She is essentially in a fight against both white and black races. - She has a white boyfriend. She can’t let that be public because that is not what black people are “Supposed to do." - Revealed at the end of the movie that Sam has always struggled with the way people see her. She had an experience when her dad, who is white, was getting judged for being the parent of a little black girl.

3.1. Dreaming in Cosby- For me that seemed to be what sam was fighting for, but also against. In that dream she was black yes, but as white as possible. I think in Sam's opinion the Cosby family had gone too far white. Sam strives to obtain the correct middle between black and white. Not too black, not too white.

3.2. The tip test- I found this very interesting. I found it interesting, yet frustrating the lengths that one would have to go to for a stereotype to be destroyed. In the tip test Lionel received poor service due to the waitress' stereotype about black people tipping. He has three options -Give no tip for a poor job, but that reinforces her belief about black people being bad tippers. -Give a 15% tip because every server deserves that tip, even if they did bad. Though that doesn't really change her stereotype. -Give a really good tip to show her that not all black people are the same. This MAYBE changes her view, but most likely doesn't and she will continue to give you poor service in the future knowing that she'll get a good tip.

3.3. OOFTA- Jazz term for bojangle types who blacked it out for white audiences Nosejob- Black person with smooth black edges trying to blend in with society (Coco). Worst fear is their blackness might cause a fuss 100- Someone who is simply just being black as hell just because.

4. KURT FLETCHER - Son of the University President - His character in it’s own is a stereotype for white people - Because of who his dad is and where he comes from his character is bigoted and not open to the current struggles of people of different race - He even says at one point that because Obama is president, there are black athletes, and black movie stars that racism is over. It is seen later that his dad also agrees with that. - He believes that Sam and the other students of the Black Student Union are creating an unnecessary fuss and attracting attention. - He organizes a party that makes fun of all black stereotypes and only invites white people. He claims that he cancelled the party and that he doesn’t know how the invite went out (Sam).

5. TROY FAIRBANKS - He is running against Sam for president of the all black resident hall. - His belief throughout the movie is based on that of his father's - Don’t adhere to black stereotypes - Ignore the racism. - He rebels on his father throughout the movie (Smoking weed, cheating on white girlfriend.