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John Smith by Mind Map: John Smith

1. Equipamentos (58 pp totais)

1.1. Array de Armas (31 points)

1.1.1. Grasscutter: Penetrating Damage 10, Secondary Effect (Affliction 10 (Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Disabled, Dying), Progressive), Easily Removable (Indestructible, –20 points) • 31 points

1.2. Array de Suporte (26 pp totais)

1.2.1. BIOMETRIC DECODER A small (palm-sized) device able to bypass biometric security measures such as palm- and fingerprint scanners or retinal scans, either using stored (valid) information or by “cracking” the system and supplying false information that it accepts as valid. Successfully using a biometric decoder may require a prior effort to acquire a usable scan of an authorized user. If this is accomplished, the GM may waive the skill check needed to operate the decoder, or have the check take place when the information is acquired (although its success or failure can’t be assessed until the data is actually used). Biometric Decoder: Morph 2 (biometric access data), Precise, Limited to Biometrics, Technology Check Required (DC 15, –5 points) • 5 points

1.2.2. ELECTRONIC LOCKPICK A small device that, when attached to an electronic lock, will “crack” the combination needed to open the lock. At the most basic level, an electronic lockpick is simply a tool required to use the Technology skill to open electronic locks, costing no equipment points. Additional Feature ranks may grant a circumstance bonus for its use (see Burglary Tools, previously). Electronic Lockpick: Feature (circumstance bonus to Technology checks to open electronic locks, 2 ranks for major bonus) • 1 point per rank

1.2.3. CLIMBING CABLE A high-tension cable with a grappler at one end (magnetic, mechanical, or using some type of adhesive, depending on descriptors) as well as a gun capable of firing the cable out to grab onto a target point. The climbing cable makes scaling a sheer surface relatively easy (no check required) so long as the climber isn’t stunned or left unable to hold on to the cable (the Platform flaw). Some characters may upgrade from a climbing cable to a swing cable with the Swinging effect of Movement. See the Utility guide for details. Climbing Cable: Movement 1 (Wall-crawling), Platform • 1 point

1.2.4. GECKO GEAR This climbing equipment consists of gloves, shoes, and often knee- and elbow-pads covered with a micro-adhesive or tiny suction cups, enabling the wearer to scale sheer surfaces like a gecko lizard. It’s usually coupled with a stealth suit or other types of stealth gear (see the following section). Gecko Gear: Movement 1 (Wall-crawling) • 2 points

1.2.5. SUSPENSION HARNESS A torso harness connected to a set of motorized cables that can raise or lower the wearer from an anchor point above, suitable for working suspended over pressuresensitive floors or networks of detection beams. Certainactions while wearing a suspension harness may require Acrobatics skill checks in order to maneuver. Suspension Harness: Movement 2 (Safe Fall, Swinging), Limited Range of Movement • 2 points

1.2.6. SENSOR CLOAK A full-spectrum “jamming” device that makes the wearer completely undetectable by electronic sensor devices of all kinds. The wearer does not appear on video cameras, is not picked up by microphones, does not trip sensor beams, and so forth. Sensor cloak wearers are still visible to the senses of living beings, but hidden from any electronic equipment they might be using. Sensor Cloak: Concealment 10 (all senses), Limited to Electronics • 10 points

1.2.7. TRACERS Tracers are tiny (DC 20 Perception check to notice) gadgets that can be planted on a target with a successful attack check (opposed Sleight of Hand versus Perception check to do so without the target noticing). The tracer emits a signal of a particular sense type (typically radio) that allows it—and the subject it is planted on—to be tracked. Sensory effects of the same type as the signal may also pick it up or interfere with it. Tracer: Senses 1 (Tracking) • 1 point

1.2.8. MICROPHONES Surveillance microphones include parabolic and laser microphones designed to pick up and amplify sound over a distance, providing the benefits of Extended Hearing. Microphone: Senses (Extended Hearing) • 1 point per rank

1.2.9. PSYCHIC PASSPORT This item is capable of appearing to be whatever identification or paperwork the viewer expects the holder to have, or that the holder should have, given the situation. If the passport’s effect is also psychic—that is, it just appears different, but doesn’t actually change—apply Limited to Minds (from Power Profiles). It may also be Resistible by Will in that case. An effective psychic passport grants a +20 circumstance bonus to Deception checks to masquerade as whomever (or whatever) the passport claims you are. For example, bluffing your way past government security guards is much easier of you appear to have highlevel security clearance! Psychic Passport: Morph 2 (identification), Psychic • 12 points

1.2.10. GLIDER A foldable parawing or ultralight, able to deploy in an instant to serve as a glider. This gadget is often built into a costume component like a cape or cloak, or even a backpack or beltpack from which the glider deploys. Such gliders rarely have more than 4 ranks of Flight, unless they also have some sort of rocket-booster to provide additional momentum. Glider: Flight, Gliding • 1 point per rank.

1.2.11. PARACHUTE An even simpler version of the glider (previously) intended primarily to slow a user’s fall to a safe speed, allowing for a safe landing. Parachute: Movement (Safe Fall) • 2 points.

1.2.12. REBREATHER A small oxygen cylinder and filter with a mouthpiece, providing a few minutes of breathable air. Generally, having a rebreather run out is a complication. Rebreather: Immunity 2 (suffocation) • 2 points.

1.2.13. ANTITOXIN A chemical compound designed to neutralize the effects of certain known toxins or venoms. Applying an antitoxin grants a +5 circumstance bonus on resistance checks against the toxin. Antitoxin: Feature (+5 bonus on resistance checks against toxins) • 1 point

1.2.14. SWING LINE This is a gadget able to project a study swing cable, suitable for swinging from tall buildings and the like. It might be a spring- or gas-powered grappling gun or high-tech spinnerette projecting artificial “webbing” or the like. Swing Line: Movement (Swinging) • 2 points

1.3. Array de Veículos

1.4. WRIST-COMP A compact computer, typically built into the back of a glove or wrist-band for easy access (although it may have distrubuted parts elsewhere on the wearer’s person). A wrist-comp provides the tools necessary for use of the Technology skill for interacting with computer networks. A skilled character can use it to acquire information, alter records, or access and control computer systems and their associated equipment. Wrist-Comp Feature (tools, Technology) • 1 point.

1.5. STEALTH SUIT A dark colored or camo-patterned uniform, typically with a mask covering all but the wearer’s eyes, designed to provide additional concealment and make it easier to hide. A properly patterned stealth suit grants a circumstance bonus to Stealth checks to hide. For an additional Feature rank, the suit can change patterns and colors to suit different environments, although the change must be directed, and happens too slowly to keep up with the environment around wearers as they move (but see the Chameleon Cloak, following). Stealth Suit: Feature (circumstance bonus to Stealth checks, 2 ranks for a major bonus, +1 rank for variable patterns) • 1 point per rank

2. Habilidades (24 pp totais)

2.1. Array 1 - Movimentação (7 pp totais)

2.1.1. You’re a master of parkour, or “free-running,” a style of moving quickly through crowded urban environments. Essentially, you suffer no movement penalties of any kind in an urban environment, you can vault and climb quickly, and you suffer no effect from slips or falls, so long as you are near a hand hold or other means of catching yourself. Circumstance penalties for your environment may still apply, but movement penalties do not. Parkour: Movement 5 (Environmental Adaptation (Urban), Safe Fall, Sure-Footed 2, Wall-Crawling 1), Limited to Moving in Urban Environments (4 ranks) • 6 points

2.1.2. You can stand on surfaces that normally would not support your weight, like a thin tree branch, sheet of paper, or the top of snow, without sinking or damaging the surface, and able to move normally. Feather Step: Movement 2 (Trackless, Water-walking), Limited to solid surfaces • 2 points

2.2. Array 2 - Senso (5 pp totais)

2.2.1. You have such exceptional balance that you can move along the narrowest of paths without slowing or falling. You move at your normal speed, even along a tightrope or high-wire, and never have to make a check to avoid falling under such circumstances. Perfect Balance: Movement 2 (Wall-crawling 2), Limited to upright movement • 2 points

2.2.2. You can bend and contort to fit into surprisingly small spaces and areas (half human normal size). Triple-Jointed: Shrinking 4, Innate, Concentration, Acrobatics or Sleight of Hand Check Required (DC 12) • 3 points

2.2.3. You have trained to move and fight without the use of your eyes, allowing you to more easily deal with darkness, blindness, and foes concealed from you in various ways using only your ears. Some users of this technique are truly blind, compensating with this power for their fighting skills. Blind Fighting: Senses 2 (Accurate Hearing) • 2 points

2.3. Array 3 - Sentidos (1 pp totais)

2.3.1. You are sharp-eyed over much greater distances than most people. Eagle-Eyed: Senses 1 (Extended Vision) • 1 point

2.4. Array 4 - Talentos (7 pp totais)

2.4.1. You can quickly change your appearance in startling ways, becoming virtually indistinguishable from your subject. Master of Disguise: Morph 2 (Other People), Continuous, Deception Check Required (DC 12), Removable (–1 point), Standard Action • 5 points

2.4.2. You can escape from virtually any bonds or containment, so long as you are capable of taking action. While this talent allows you to easily slip free of ropes, handcuffs, straitjackets and other bindings, and to escape most cages and the like, it may be ineffective against some traps (at the GM’s discretion), and is often coupled with ranks in the Sleight of Hand skill and possibly the Ultimate Effort (Sleight of Hand) advantage. Master Escape Artist: Insubstantial 1, Limited to Escaping • 4 points

2.4.3. You have such a talent for languages that you speak virtually all of them, and can quickly figure out a new language if you are exposed to it for a while. Master Linguist: Comprehend 2 (Languages, Understand and Be Understood), Quirk (takes at least a scene to pick up a new language) • 3 points

2.5. Array 5 - Proteção (4 pp totais)

2.5.1. Your fighting reflexes are so highly attuned that simply attacking you risks a forceful counterattack. The power’s rank is limited to the Damage rank of your normal attack, typically Strength Damage. Counterstrike: Reaction Damage (when attacked in close combat), Attack Check Required • 3 points perrank

2.5.2. You can block ranged attacks by hitting them with a thrown or launched projectile of your own, from knocking a throwing star out of the air by tossing a pair of chopsticks (or another handy object) to deflecting a bullet by shooting it with one from your own gun, for example. Deflecting Projectile: Deflect, Quirk (requires a projectile or throwing weapon, –1 points) • 1 pointforrank2, +1 pointper additionalrank.

3. Vantagens (4 pp totais)

3.1. Combate (3 pp totais)

3.1.1. Improved Initiative +4 bonus to initiative checks per rank - 2 pt

3.1.2. Uncanny Dodge Not vulnerable when surprised or caught off-guard. - 1 pt

3.2. Suporte (1 pp totais)

3.2.1. HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT SKILL You can hide (see Hiding under Stealth in the Skills chapter) without any need for a Deception or Intimidation check or any sort of diversion, and without penalty to your Stealth check. You’re literally there one moment, and gone the next. You must still have some form of cover or concealment within range of your normal movement speed in order to hide - 1 pt

4. Atributos