Laura Mulvey Theory, 'The Male Gaze'

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Laura Mulvey Theory, 'The Male Gaze' by Mind Map: Laura Mulvey Theory, 'The Male Gaze'

1. 1. Laura Mulveys theory concentrates on the 'Male Gaze' She believes that audiences have to view females in music videos in a male heterosexual perspective

2. 2. For example, the camera focuses on the the female artists body assets in most music videos, for example this is shown in Nicki Minaj's music video 'Super Bass'

3. 3. Majority of the video focuses on provocative dances and movements, focusing on Nicki Minaj's and The backup dancers curves and body it has literal examples of the male gaze during the scenes of the males looking at her,

4. 4.Mulvey argues that women in a narrative are used as an erotic object for characters in the narrative to view, and as an erotic object for spectators watching the narrative to view.

5. 5. She also argues that females are seen as passive because of the male gaze, and that they only exist for the visual pleasure of males.

6. 6.This theory is still relevant in the music industry today, a lot of female music artists (especially Hip hop, Rap or R&B artists) use their sexuality in music videos to make it more appealing to watch, therefore giving it more popularity which gives the song more record sales. Nicki Minaj being an example.