Josephine's Mindmap

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Josephine's Mindmap by Mind Map: Josephine's Mindmap

1. Creating

1.1. entrepreneurship

1.1.1. Kidz Connect

1.1.2. Fractor reACTor

1.2. innovation in art+tech

1.3. social entrepreneurship

1.4. production

1.4.1. This Spartan Life This Spartan Life at IPZ, Istanbul This Spartan Life at PICNIC, Amsterdam

1.4.2. Fulbright/McKinsey Innovation Salon

2. Cloudsurfing

2.1. in the sky

2.1.1. 10 Commandments of Skydiving

2.1.2. taking risks

2.2. in the ether

2.2.1. networked collaboration

2.2.2. cultural exchange in the cloud (through creative collab in virtual spaces) Macondo Dance Connect mixed reality in Metaplace Innovation Salon preso mixed reality in Second Life mapping & storytelling London Knowledge Lab preso

3. Collaborating

3.1. teaching/facilitating

3.1.1. video: my thoughts on virtual learning experiences

3.1.2. sharing thoughts & processes

3.1.3. networked collaboration

3.1.4. researching & discovering

3.1.5. syllabi:

3.2. performance

3.2.1. networked & mixed reality performance Instant Online Collab: Just Add Dance Firsthand Performances 3x3/30x30 RPM's Remixed

3.2.2. body dance Pilates yoga motion capture and analysis

3.2.3. advocacy through performance The Source Teen Theatre Chimera in Vacuo Stageworks' Inner Circle, an AIDS-awareness play

3.2.4. "take a risk"