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Crystal Rock - Marketing Campaign Breakout by Mind Map: Crystal Rock - Marketing
Campaign Breakout
5.0 stars - 2 reviews range from 0 to 5

Crystal Rock - Marketing Campaign Breakout

1. Helpful tags

helpful for idea refinement

suggested tags stimulate idea flow

need to concretizise ideas

4. Recreational moments

potential source for new ideas and energy

approach to relaxation

TV like medium for new generations

2. Inspirational networks

friends bring you in touch with ideas

like minded groups help you to develop ideas further

people encourage you to develop your ideas further

feedback momentum helps idea development

3. Complementary stimulations

different medias and replications require a different mind-set

different approaches to the same issue through different applications possible

enable change of perspective

6. New sources

7. Deep involvement

8. Continuos challenge

Facebook presence

9. What else?