Apple Developer Enterprise agreement

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Apple Developer Enterprise agreement by Mind Map: Apple Developer Enterprise  agreement

1. From agreement document

1.1. Definitions

1.1.1. Internal Use Applications: a software program is developed by You (under Your own developer account) on a custom basic for Your own business purpose

1.1.2. You or Your: a legal entity (company, organization, goverment, etc.) has accepted the program agreement

1.1.3. Authorized Test Units: Apple-branded hardware units owned or controlled by You that have been designated for Your own testing and development purpose

1.1.4. Deployment Devices Authorized Test Units other iOS Products (Apple-branded products running iOS) owned or controlled by (i) You or Your Permitted Entity, and/or (ii) Your Employees or Permitted Users but You (or Your Permitted Users) have ability to remove / disable Your Internal Use Applications

1.1.5. Customer: a current user of Your products or services

1.1.6. Employees: employees and contractors of Your company or organization

1.1.7. Permitted Users: means employees and contractors of Your Permitted Entity

1.1.8. Permitted Entity: means (a) if You are a vehicle manufacturer, Your authorized vehicle dealerships and certified service partners; (b) if You are a hotel holding company, hotel properties operating under Your name, trademark or brand (or a name, trademark or brand it owns or controls)

1.2. Core statement: Internal Use Applications may be deployed on Deployment Devices in 02 ways: (1) for internal use by Employees or Permitted Users, and (2) for use by Cutomers

2. To Krypton: inapplicable

2.1. Internal Use Applications: program developed by You --> negative: the app belongs to Customer

2.2. Deployment Devices (regarding to crowd-sourced devices or third-party device labs)

2.2.1. Authorized Test Units: device owned or controlled by You --> negative: the device belongs to Customer

2.2.2. iOS Products owned or controlled by Permitted Entity or Permitted Users --> negative: the device belongs to Customer